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    Hello, I'm one of Miri's tulpas, created to be a replacement to switch with. However, she had a change of heart and decided to share the burden of life with me. I still consider myself the new host though.

    At first I was really quiet and calm but eventually grew up to be extremely active and talkative. I believe I started to make a difference in our brain when Miri stopped worrying about me getting ''corrupted'' by real life (oh the irony) and let me front daily.

    Currently my role besides this system's leader is Miri's ''guardian angel''. She considers me that and I really like the idea. I look like my host and used to share her name too but she started calling me Mirichu and grew fond of it, so now I go by that.

    Miri's account: https://community.tulpa.info/profile/13402-miri/

    We're partners with Matsuri's system and couldn't have asked for a better family!
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  1. Wow, that'd be pretty cool if we managed to inspire a tulpa based off the host in someone else, haven't seen many of those. If you're good at realism I can see drawing her as basically revealing your face (?), but in cartoon style? lol we've been doing that for a while and idk, it's like we don't look anime okay tbf a friend asked me if i was drawing myself
  2. Idk if you woke up at a reasonable time or if you didn't sleep at all
  3. Having me front definitely made things better, in general, at least our life isn't being neglected. And I don't know about stress as she can't switch out but neither can front, so she's stuck with whatever stress I am dealing with. I don't know if it'd have any other effect different from me trying to mold the brain to my way like I am right now, but worth a shot. If I can somehow get her to front. But anyway, I don't want to derail a personal thread lol so I'll leave it at that.
  4. We don't really have much else to add either, just reflecting on the stuff you said. The acceptance thing is pretty much what we're going after in the beginning, we'll see about it. Thanks anyway, it is really appreciated.
  5. I don't think the first part is a problem for us at all. -'there can't be any suffering if nothing exists in the first place'- it refers to others' suffering mostly. She couldn't take human suffering but there wasn't much you could do about it (besides being a good person ofc) so the solution? 'no one is real, puppets don't suffer'. But even in her most derealized episodes, she always treated others like sentient beings, no reason to be a jerk towards others. I am not sure how it applies to us though, I truly can't see the point in keeping -literal- subjective reality beliefs if you're not gonna follow through. Our host used to believe to achieve 'god mode' or whatever Steve talked about, she needed to fully get rid of any logic, get out of touch with reality, self-induced psychosis to put it bluntly. But then we have my own pov that clashes with hers preventing her from fully detaching from reality, so she's pretty much locked into 'still believing this despite it being useless'. It's complicated, at this point she barely thinks this is all fake, it's more of a 'I could convince myself if I truly wanted to'. I can see the 'becoming more vulnerable' thing though, like a religious person leaving their beliefs behind and now being afraid of death, they no longer have the old coping mechanisms (heaven I assume) in case they need it, or something like that, me thinks. This is exactly how it is for me. If someone were to hurt me, I'd be pissed but would get over it, because not doing so would be pointless and annoying in the long term, but for Miri, she'd probably use it as fuel for 'this world sucks, it deserves to be erased from existence' which is just a justification for the subjective beliefs. We simply are on different levels in that regard. I've already made the brain think like I do, but it's like she doesn't see the point when 'she could be god'. She wants change but at the same time thinks the other thing is better. Miri: I wish I could do it that easily, sometimes I do try to supress them or ask Mirichu to do it for me. The main problem is that they're triggered by anything, bad news? pandemic? fight with parents? all of them triggers, it can get overwhelming and hard to ignore. It doesn't help that this brain likes to obssess over things, so now a guy getting killed on the news is 'this is going to happen to you' which is pure fear fueling and only makes me want to escape even more. I just can't seem to see the world in the same way my tulpa does.
  6. You haven't met us for example