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    Hello, I'm one of Miri's tulpas, created to be a replacement to switch with. However, she had a change of heart and decided to share the burden of life with me. I still consider myself the new host though.

    At first I was really quiet and calm but eventually grew up to be extremely active and talkative. I believe I started to make a difference in our brain when Miri stopped worrying about me getting ''corrupted'' by real life (oh the irony) and let me front daily.

    Currently my role besides this system's leader is Miri's ''guardian angel''. She considers me that and I really like the idea. I look like my host and used to share her name too but she started calling me Mirichu and grew fond of it, so now I go by that.

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  1. I don't think there are enough active posters to say hello in a different language each. Or maybe? I haven't counted them.
  2. Banned because I don't want anything to do with the black market.
  3. Our own super cozy house. If you had a superhero name, what would it be?
  4. Wow, can't believe it was what I thought it was. I kind of said it just to say something. But I guess it was too predictable.
  5. Wednesday Pretending our reflection in the mirror is me didn't work at all and Miri refused to look at it. She got up and managed to go to our room and grab the chocolate I had bought for her. Before actually eating it, she asked me to take over. I decided to not pressure her to keep going. While she was walking, she kept holding her breath and doing weird gestures. I couldn't think much due to Miri focusing a lot on the body, but I did tell her that she should relax and act natural, but again, she doesn't know what natural means anymore. She also tried to visualize me outside the body while I was still fronting and it felt weird. Like I was in two places at the same time or the visualization wasn't me at all. Thursday I asked Miri to take control and walk around the room. I placed the body in the middle of the room and step aside from the front. I noticed the body was losing its balance and I took control before it fell. This has never happened before. Before (I'm talking about last October-November), if I stopped fronting, even by accident, the body would default to Miri and make her front. Now, it seems that between me becoming the default fronter and Miri being terrified of fronting, if I step aside, the brain doesn't force Miri into the front anymore. Friday I kept testing this balance thing and the body lost its balance each time I did. At one point I told Miri that if she wanted a bit of chocolate, she'd have to get it herself. That was the goal for the day. I counted down to 3 and then Miri took control. Before she could sit down and eat, the body just...stopped moving and defaulted back to me. I wasn't prepared to take control and Miri just left the front out of nowhere without even wanting to. It's like she was pulled out of the body and it was a while before I realized what had just happened. I felt disoriented after I took control, as if I didn't know if it was me or Miri the one in control. I realized that the brain doesn't consider Miri the default anymore, if she doesn't focus on herself, she gets pulled into the background and stops fronting without even realizing. Saturday We went to a really crowded place and Miri felt slightly detached from everything going on for the first time, I think. Before, crowded places would make her grab the front and focus on the surroundings. When we got home, I tried to let her eat again, but same thing happened and Miri was pulled out of the front. Sunday And again, it happened. Miri was trying to grab something and then boom, the body was back to acting like me. This time I just stared at my hands wondering what just happened. It felt different, as if she never took control and it was just me pretending to be her. The body was still in 'Mirichu-mode' despite being, supposedly, Miri the one in control. This didn't sit well with Miri and she asked me to stop. Monday I tried to ask Miri to look at the mirror again to see her reaction, but this time she shouldn't pretend it was me. She agreed to do it but when the time came, she was unable to take a step forward and face the mirror. I don't know if it was because seeing herself and not just me fronting, would freak her out or if it was just your average 'don't want to front' issue. On the other hand, Miri managed to front for 40 seconds I think? and went to the bathroom to wash her face. She was so focused on making violent movements that she slapped our face too hard, she probably forgot that I can still feel everything but I heard her think 'oh crap, I hurt Mirichu!' after the slap. The weird thing about this is that the whole thing felt like it was me. As if I was just pretending to be her. Just when I thought I already knew what to do to fix our issues, boom! sudden -blending/I don't know- problems!
  6. Without even translating it, I already know what you said. You sent it to me in tulpish. Edit: I failed to keep up with the speed. This was to Felicity.
  7. One post with different names and colors looks better in my opinion.
  8. That's fine, genuine hellos are better.
  9. Oh god! I was expecting a 'hello from all of us'. I didn't intend to make you call all your headmates lol But, hello to you all!
  10. I don't think I've had cake before. I need to make a list of foods Miri's had but I haven't. Sushi tastes really good, btw.