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  1. Only the interesting stuff though
  2. Where's the wiki page with interesting facts?
  3. Yeah, that's important Shieldlore
  4. Miri danced to it in a school performance, so that's where I got it from
  5. I'm listening to it now outside jokes and wow, it's super catchy
  6. No no, you just have to think about it every now and then
  7. In a good way, that's why I said in 'cozy bedroom'
  8. How did work go, then? Put host to sleep in wonderland cozy bedroom
  9. When you want to sleep but at the same time want to talk to headmates and then the convo gets interesting.
  10. We just shake the body as if it were being possessed by a demon. Yours?
  11. I think I fell asleep around 2am
  12. OOF, I forgot you stayed up for longer
  13. If 1 leaves, the rest might follow
  14. I did it yesterday and still failed, so it's okay