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    A beginner tulpamancer looking to improve, Heyaa.

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  1. Not yet, but the day isn’t over yet! Next poster likes to play Uno
  2. Sorry for taking so long to respond, it’s been a busy time here. Thanks for the help Ranger and Yukari, and yes Ranger this only happens during meditation. They don’t usually leave unless I were to stop meditating. Also, this has been a reoccurring thing that has been happening before I ever knew of tulpas. Sorry if that sounds confusing, I’m also confused.
  3. Well, not necessarily. Usually, she is away doing something else while I’m meditating. It’s like a different presence altogether. I tried experimenting with ‘it’, and asked it to move. Well, it did, but it has some sort of a mind of its own.
  4. Is it completely normal to be ‘sensing’ other people in the room with you while meditating, although no one is there? Like for example, you close your eyes and your mom walks in the room. Her ‘presence’ is there. It’s obvious. It’s that kind of feeling that usually comes up 5-10 minutes in. It doesn’t necessarily creeps me out, just unnerving a bit. A little help?
  5. Not quite. The next poster won’t post for another three days or more.
  6. Well, by right mindset I mean like.. be positive. Know you can do it. Figuring out if you succeeded is difficult the first time around. Headaches may be signs that it’s working. Usually an ache in a specific part of the mind is a sign you did it correctly. Other than that, imagine your tulpa and ask them to “Surprise you.” Doubt only holds you and your potential tulpa back.
  7. Yo Slingering. I can help ya, although I don’t think I’m qualified. I’ll tel ya a few tips n tricks that helped us along the way. Just get in to the right mindset with positive ideas. Think of possible, not impossible. What specific step in the whole process troubles you?
  8. Hi everyone. First post made from Visionaire or Viz if that sounds cool. We’ve been lurking around on the site for awhile before, before Emily aka Em(Tulpa) urged me to make an account. About three months last since I have found out about tulpamancy. That’s about it -Bye Folks!
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