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    Name: Doctor Nikolis (Medic)
    Form: TF2 Red Medic
    Clothing: Outside - Normal white labcoat, red tie, boots and pants, red rubber gloves. Alternative - Dressy redish vest, red tie, boots and pants.
    Voice: TF2 Medic-ish, slightly different? German accent.
    Personality: Classy, polite, has slight OCD. Very curious, likes blood and any kind of medical \'experiments\'.
    What He Does: In situations where he can have peace and quiet, he\'s usually sketching drawings of weaponary (Syringe guns, Mediguns, inventions). Sometimes starts conversations. He respects privacy, but he wont hesitate to ask you to help him with some \'tests\'. (With the exception that he knows he can sometimes get away with cutting you open without you noticing.)
  1. I found out about tulpae, and it does seem like I'd do that, but the reason why I got into the whole tulpa thing is because for some odd reason no matter how many people I'm around, I feel alone, and I also have anxiety, so I thought having a tulpa would allow me to feel less lonely and be less nervous about everything. Anyway, my mom found out beforehand apparently, right after I posted the thread. We had a talk, and by some amazing fate, she understands the whole thing completely and she's allowing me to go along with it, even asking me to fill her in on progress! She said not to tell dad though, and theres NO way I'm letting him find out about it. Sorry if I come off as a bit young to be on here, I'll try my best to act as mature as you all.
  2. TL;DR at the bottom. I've been thinking for awhile, I haven't told anybody about my tulpa yet. My tulpa isn't completely 'here' yet, well, I know he is, but he's not imposed or completely sentient yet. I know he is somewhat sentient though. Anyway, I've been wanting some 'forcing' time to myself, besides the whole forcing right before going to sleep in pitch black (not saying I have a problem with that), and I've been wanting to talk to someone about my tulpa. I have told my friend, but he tries to ignore it, I don't think he likes the idea. Anyway, I'm just saying if I had to tell my mom about my tulpa, how would I go about it? I mean, it is kinda hard to explain (the fact that Nick is a field medic doesn't really sweeten the deal either). And if push comes to shove, how do I tell my dad? My dad is really, really unopen to things like this, and yells and freaks out easily and he's the kind of man that'd flip out on me if he found out about this. Another reason I'm wondering, is because I don't feel comfertable (excuse my spelling) with talking to my tulpa in my head much anymore. I sometimes get time to talk to him on my own, like before bed and when I'm alone at home (which almost never happens). TL;DR: I want to tell my parents about my tulpa, but I think they'll freak out like you don't believe, especially my dad. What do I do?
  3. I've been working on Nick for a few weeks, if not months now, and I've noticed something. I don't intentionally do it, but I sometimes forget that he's with me. I do have a very short attention span and often forget things. An example is when I go to school, when I'm walking into the building, I do imagine my tulpa walking beside me, but once I get in, I completely forget I have a tulpa. Also since I've already posted, might as well put this here: I have been narrating for awhile, but unfortunately I don't remember if Nick has spoken to me on his own. I haven't had a full on conversation with him, either. I've been trying not to parrot, but I do feel guilty that he can't speak on his own yet. Whats the best way to get him doing things/speaking on his own? Thanks.
  4. Sometimes I imagine my tulpa's there (Cause he's not visualised yet) and usually play TF2 and try to listen to see if he tells me what to do, videogame wise.
  5. I was forcing my tulpa when I usually do, late late at night before I go to sleep, and I suddenly got this random thought in my head of my tulpa and a really sad moment, as if it was his memory. I never had thought about anything like that before, and it came so sudden and it did make me a bit emotional afterwords. I assumed it was him, and moved on with forcing. The night after that happened, I forced again as per usual, and I got a headache a few minutes in (Around 10 minutes in). Are these early signs of sentience? I have only been forcing Nick for about a few days now.
  6. I have him visualised pretty good now, but how do I get him to start doing things on his own (moving, talking, ect). I parrot him often, but I'm just wondering if theres any other way.
  7. Oh, okay guys. Thanks. One last thing: Whats the best way to get him talking?
  8. Hi, this is my first post here. Lemme tell you my situation. I've been trying to visualise (eyes closed, completely black and dark room, quiet peace, ect) my tulpa for a few weeks now, and nothing's been coming up. All it's been is just looking like I have my eyes closed. I've been following all the guides, trying new ways to do it, and everything. I'm starting to think my problems with concentration might be the issue, but I'm not sure. I had told my friend about tulpas and stuff, and he said he'd like to make a tulpa too. Within a couple days, he already has him completely visualised in his mind, and talking to him. I don't even understand why I have no productivity on my tulpa which I've been working on for weeks now. Can anybody give me any tips or tell me what to do? :c