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  1. how does one know if they have a tulpa
  2. read through all those guides. didnt make any sense. the hell would i need some "right mindset" for. all i want to do is get one not read through some right mindset shit. actually how do i test if i have a tulpa or not already. image0.png.jfif
  3. I am slingring I am a aggressively socially retarded retard, I have no hobbies. God be with us in this dying world
  4. So I’ve read through some guides and they claim to be “full guides” but I look at them and read them and all they do is explain what a tulpa is then hop over to you magically having a tulpa and asking it questions. These guides do not make any sense. I’m also unsure if I have a tulpa or not. I think I am just thinking of what it would say so it’s not a tulpa?
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