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    I have had Zelda for a couple days!
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  1. We have to describe their reactions?!? I didn't know that! Is my tulpa dead now!?!!
  2. Thank You! Im sure that this will help Zelda open up!
  3. Day 2: This morning I woke up and Zelda has changed her form to a copy of me with a cat tail and ears! Her traits seem more funny, shy and, not as social as I hoped. But, she talked to me, Success! I can't discern her voince from my mind voice very well, but,  if I call for her and then keep my mind silent, I can hear her answer me! 

  4. Day 1: Zelda has not decided on her form yet, first she was a almost copy of me, then she became indigo colored orb of light. This is the form she has stayed in for the rest of the day. Zelda has not spoken to me very much and seems to be very shy. It is my hope that I will become more acquainted with Zelda! I hope she chooses a form soon! Can't wait to see what she chooses! Looking forward to getting better as friends with Zelda! 

  5. Haha Thx! My tulpa won't talk to me or change its form from the original orb i made it. Zelda also won't interact with me or the Wonderland. Am I doing something wrong. Why won't Zelda interact with me or the Wonderland. Also, will my tulpa change its voice, i can't discern it from my mind voice. Mostly she just reads in the library that i made for her in the Wonderland. I meditated in the gazebo with her for a while. Is that good? Or bad? When will she choose a form. Will she change her name as well as her personality? I don't know why she won't talk to me or interact with the Wonderland. Am I a bad host, or do I need a new Tulpa?
  6. Thx, Im not sure what forcing is though, I have kind of just been talking to her. Talking about her form, traits, and possible names to help her get started I am a beginner and don't have many good friends and i've heard of Tulpas and thought i should make one. What is forcing? Does my Tulpa choose its own name?? Can she help keep me calm?? Can other people see her?? So I don't know how long it will take me to hear and see my tulpa, how will i know she/he is forming? My 'wonderland' is pictured but my tulpa won't interact with me or anything. I have no headaches and the only thing my tulpa could be contacting me with is a slight tingling. Am I doing something wrong? I have been forcing for 3 hours straight! How long should I force? Does my tulpa choose its own name? When do they form? How do I know it is forming? What is the best way to force?
  7. WOW! How do you make a beginning form?
  8. I just want to know, because I want to be nice to my Tulpa and not let her suffer in the form I chose for her. Her name is Zelda:)