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    You don't have wings so you wouldn't know. This current year is 2020.
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  4. I'm new to tulpamancy; began on the 25th of January. A problem that's arisen is the fact that, due to my circumstances, it's incredibly difficult to actively force. I won't go into too much detail unless it would help. Basically, I live in a tiny place where there's noise almost all the time. Because of this and other things, I'm unable to get to sleep until past 2 AM. This would be when I'd actively force, but I'm too tired at this point. Unless there's a way to meditate in bed, that's out of the window as far as I can tell. Also, the way things are, it's better that I keep tulpamancy to myself. I do have pockets of several minutes here and there that I could concentrate, but that feels more like passive forcing. If anyone could think of some creative ways to actively force I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance.