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    I've been through a lot.. just read the PR and remember, only I am to blame.
  1. Why does this (tulpa) stuff keep coming up in my life? Had a friend mention lucid dreaming and being afraid of having to deal with the common side effect of sleep paralysis. I told him he should try forcing if he really wants to have a mindscape he can control without having sleeping issues. He asked me about some stuff and I told him i would supply him some resources for visualization. Thing is, I don't have most of them anymore. I still have the "Can't see a Dang thing" guide but I'd rather get him more than just one guide. Since a whole lot more guides have come out since 2014 what ar
  2. Uhm... I was watching a Pony Thread Simulator (Yeah I know), and one of the posts mentioned something about "Making a Jackie-Chan tulpa." I had no idea what a tulpa was, so I went looking and eventually wound up here.
  3. I absolutely love It's a Wonderful Life! I've actually never seen the movie though, but I've got a cassette tape that has a radio adaptation with the original cast. Claire and I listened to it the other day, she enjoyed it a lot.
  4. Well one I could think of, someone, would be lust. Name removed by request -Vos
  5. It's been a while, Yoko, Azazel. How has time treated the two of you?
  6. Last Tuesday passed without any notable happening. Yesterday, however... My mother and I went into town to get groceries for Christmas eve/day. We stopped by the candle aisle and Claire enjoyed the different scents and picking her favorite, apple cinnamon if you're wondering. Afterward we visited the rest of the store. Claire rode in the cart and in opposition to my requests didn't climb out until there the cart had been filled up with too many groceries. For the whole exchange I was the one pushing the cart, so I tried to factor in her weight for how much strength I need to use. Ab
  7. Good to hear from you after a time. I know just what you're saying with feeling like a father at times, that lovely time when they're starting ask for explanations. That said I abruptly stopped thinking of myself as Claire's dad when she made a few suggestive remarks, it felt too creepy. Sounds like Mira won't turn out like that though. If you find any tricks for imposition be sure to mention them, I could use any tips you got. But it's exciting to hear to that Mira is speaking now. Maybe Claire and I will see you both on IRC some time?
  8. Hey guys it's been another few days since I've updated this but I've been keeping a physical log of what's been happening so I've got some notes to reference unlike previous times. Anyway last Saturday morning I went upstairs to my mother's sitting room. She was having her morning Bible reading and asked if I wanted to join, I said yes. After a while we started talking about if we should have our usual Christmas Eve party. We talked about that for a little while and then my mother brought up how nice it was I wasn't depressed this Christmas, unlike last year. It seemed like a good opp
  9. I know Claire had a week long period where she acted like there were teenage hormones in her system. After that she calmed down considerably, she's still got her mischievous streak that developed then, but she either hides it well or it's more subdued. Whatever the cause of that episode, tulpas do seem to "age" personality wise. I'm still really interested in finding something or someone that sounds like Mira. Don't suppose you'd do more searching around for something similar?
  10. Some mancers say it's like meditation, but having never meditated I don't know. I just find a comfortable spot with a place to set my tea and start forcing, after having to focus on forcing for a bit something clicks and I have to put no effort at all into it. There's no set method to forcing, everyone has their own style, this can make it hard to pinpoint a right and a wrong way to do it. The results, however, are typically the same. Best tip I can give is look through some other progress reports for methods that sound similar or compatible with your own.
  11. I shouldn't let more than a day or two go by without updating thing report. Anyway, the 3rd was some kind of anniversary. We have no idea what sort of anniversary it was, but we did know we wanted to do something fun. We made big plans, we were big schemers, but then school life said no. Most of our plans got thrown out the window due to an English assignment, but we still got to dance. Claire had at some point in the day designed a green ballroom gown, it had a string going from the hem of the skirt to the her gloved right hand. I loaded up a playlist of waltzes from Youtube and
  12. I really enjoyed working on form when I did it. It feels a lot different than forcing objects or scenery, more relaxing, though why I don't know. What sort of specific troubles are you having with visualization? Are you getting distracted, having trouble making sure things stay the same size and shape, or is it simply the problem that you feel "blind"?
  13. I've listened to that song through a lot of hardship so I don't really understand how it works for affectionating. Eh, reminds me I should dig the sheet music I have for it out and practice it over Christmas.
  14. Give it some time, Koomer, before you decide to lead a normal life or a clean slate. I'm glad to read that you're alright, I was quite worried about you two.
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