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  1. I've recently discovered this site, and I decided to go ahead and try making a tulpa so I won't be so lonely. On the second night (today is the third) or so after I started narrating, I felt something weird. So, my tulpa still wasn't really *formed*. in the sense that my tulpa is still unable to speak, reply etc. and I still haven't heard the voice of my tulpa. I was in bed, about to sleep after I narrated for a few minutes. I was feeling somewhat sad due to events in the day, of which I narrated to my tulpa. I tried to listen for a mind voice for a few moments, but gave up when everything was silent. But there was some pressure on my right hand (I sleep facing right, with my right hand kinda stretched out, palm facing up), and it felt like someone was holding my hand. Nothing else; just holding my hand. that feeling lingered for a few moments and I think I felt a little squeeze on my hand, before the feeling was gone. I've heard that tulpas can affect the nerves and make the body sense stuff that aren't actually there in reality, so I'm wondering if this could really be the doing of my tulpa, or if I'm just imagining/overthinking things, because I don't know if it's possible for a tulpa to be able affect physical senses before the tulpa is even vocal.