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  1. Currently I'm referring to her with Tulpa, and I will allow her to rename herself whenever she can. I actually start every session by telling her that whenever she is ready, I would be glad to hear her name. This way I hope her first words to me would actually be her name :)
  2. I'm hoping to be done by this Friday, then I will have spent a week on that, 2,5 hours a day. And that's the "core" of the Tulpa. Then I will start visualization and all that.
  3. I'm making mine humanoid, actually a woman. I have a plan to make her more beutiful than any woman I've seen. As of now, I'm still dealing with the personality and only have a really vague image of her in my mind. I actually started off with visualizing her, but then I read that I should first deal with the personality so this is what I'm doing. Though I find it at least simple now to narrate the traits to her as I can "see" her image at least.
  4. Yo Just thought i'd say that I'm here and am in the process of making my Tulpa. As for now i think thrz no point to report of anything as i'm just in the beginning (some 10 hrs). Will share success, if i should have some. But gr8 to be here reading and shit.