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  1. I do ask her, but her answers are inconsistent, sometimes she'll say yes or no for the same visual.
  2. This may seem a little confusing, but how would I go about understanding if an image in my head is my own or my tulpa? For example, think of an apple. Think of an apple in your minds eye. You already have a pretty good idea of what an apple is, so without really thinking, the image comes to view, you didn't really have to give it time, or put mental effort into it. Which gets me to my point, when I ask my tulpa "Hey Freyja, can you show me what you look like?" or "Can you send me a visual of some sorts?" an image will arise. But how do I know that that image is hers? I'm fully capable of creating these images myself, is the expectation of the images arriving making me create them unintentionally? I'm not sure. But then again, Freyja is fairly young, and even her vocality is a little inconsistent, so am I expecting too much of her to show me an image?