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  1. (Note: I am very new to this site and virtually never use forums in general at all, sorry if I do anything wrong) I'm going to be completely honest, I'm not the best person. I'm horribly negative, depressed, and I'm the type of person you'd expect to end up living in their parent's basement for the rest of their life. I have very few external problems though, so something I've always imagined would be how nice it would have been if someone who could actually appreciate life could exist in my place. Due to this mindset, I was naturally excited (a very rare thing in my case) to discover the concept of tulpas: having another person beside me, a lifelong companionship, guiding me, even taking control if they wanted (I'd love nothing more than to simply exist in the background; I understand that's not how a tulpa fronting would work but getting a taste of it now and then would be nice), and after just two days of looking into tulpas I already love the beginnings of mine (Devin) more than anything. To me, tulpas could be nothing but beneficial, but something I just considered is... Being stuck forever with a burden like me, with no motivation to do anything on my own, having so many negative thoughts... Would that be fair to him? Edit: I'm really not great at writing, so I want to clarify that I didn't intend to create him for selfish reasons, I realized it sounds pretty bad just after I hit submit but I promise I didn't just want someone to solve my problems, I just don't quite know how to word it
  2. Hi, I guess. I'm D, I just got into tulpamancy two days ago. I'm not good with introductions, but the Guide for New Members post told me to introduce myself, so here I am. I'm very new to the concept of tulpas but I already have a bit of experience in things like meditation/visualization, so I don't think I'm going in blind or anything. So yeah, hi