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  1. Who? Say clearly! Zeldashu是谁
  2. I am a Chinese, I am in our country a website know tulpa called baidu post bar, our country has a website about tulpa, where I learned that this web site. I already on junior middle school second grade, but English is not good, the examination often test about 80 points, so in this post is done with the browser's own translation software to translate Chinese into English in duplicate. Baimisu is my net, Chinese writing is 白米苏. Because I am a Chinese, so I use the translation also see not too understand the rules here, but I believe I will get to know, my English will be better and better
  3. Report (new) hello, I am a Chinese girl, know tulpa a year ago and found this BBS today. My English is not good, use translation software, so grammar may be wrong, please understand. If there is a problem I'll ask here, in fact, I don't know about this BBS, if I made a mistake, please understanding
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