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  1. Ok. Thanks for response. I thought i was at deep end and getting nowhere. Guess i had right everything right but mindset. I will work on my mindset more tho. It looks like i lack it. Actualy your post gave me deeper insight than some of guides i read did. Most of guides said about doing this and that but didnt say how realy do it. I will check out the links btw. Thanks again Edit: I checked thos 2 lists and they are very helpfull. I will use some of these ideas I know about parroting. It's just untill she can speak and do things on her own. Then I'll stop parroting. But i gotta patiently wait for it or cought her doing it. I might parrot even when she can talk on her own. That might be problem for me. I might miss moment she starts talking on her own and blindly parrot over her.
  2. Basicaly. Started like 4 days ago. Have had questionable progress. Becouse i 3 out of 4 days i fell asleep while active forcing so i visualised and played out her being a bit angry (visualised her in red dress and red face to point out how mad is she) just for myself. Well true i was in fault for falling asleep so i have to take responsibility for it. So visualised her angry bout it. I want to try out few ideas for active forcing.and not falling asleep First scenario. Kinda like mirrors edge game. Running across rooftops and talking or even using walky talkies aka fuc*ing radios. Number 2 would be spending time and cuddling in guest room which i explained in another post. Room with window, sofa and coffee table. 3 well here i need a suggestion. What do you do while active forcing? Also touch on parroting and imposition. I parrot her while passive forcing but let her do her own thing while active forcing. Also the red dress thing was while passive forcing today at work and imposed her literally across my desk. Should i parrot her while active forcing too? And if i do all of interactions or just some? And is it fine if i visualise her while working and make some small talk? Or even make story in my head with her imposed beside me? Judging me on the story and making faces about well as i imagined kind of a funny story. Wanted to try but overthinked it today so made nothing out of it.
  3. Allrighty. Hope my final post. Day 2 in creation. yesterday i active forced her untill i fell asleep. Today. Fresh day. She scared me to death allmost. Basicaly asked her kinda to make a coffee for me while im working for a break. I go on for a brake. Make myself stronger coffee than usual and it tasted fucking good. While i was smoking my cigarette and drank my coffee i thought about her making my coffee. Then the fun stuff starts. After i went back to my work spot i kinda had milisecond long thought about her and then i saw her waving for me like in real life just outside my workspace. The second i saw her i felt like tonnes of rocks crash on me. Unexpected yet very nice feeling. I am thinking about it now. Was that my imagination playing tricks or it was her. I bet it was imagination. What do you think people? Also i posted something like this on Reddit too to get much more opinions and ideas and test thos ideas. Just becouse i can.
  4. Thanks again for response. My intent doesn't interact with just imagination. My imagination could make up talking dolphins or dogs or whatever for fun or i dunno what. don't realy use imagination for that purpose. Mostly just predictions for certain events and time wasting. No. I didn't ask the end result would be just imagination. But thanks for clearing that up. What i meant with imagination was the wonderland and her. When i heard about visualization i was confused but now u clarified it basicaly is imagination to an extent. I do belive tulpas exist. If i didn't i would not be here.
  5. Thanks for quick response. Bear in mind I'm total newbie but have gathered some info and how much commitment and responsibility it takes. Actually i haven't realy got my hands on active forcing yet. So first time tonight before bed time. I got Placeholder form for now so it's quite easy to visualise it. Problem starts with her barely acknowledging me. Like i can imagine or visualise waving for me but thats about it. And final question. Is it more or less imagination? Visualizing her, wonderland in form of comfy room and fresh made coffee but interacting with her is making kinda connection. I feel like that. But might be wrong thinking how real forcing works
  6. Soo. While ago i found out about tulpas. And here i am thinking what the hell i am doing. Read me out before posting. Today i kinda started to create my Tulpa. Haven't decided on name but have one in mind. At work today i passively forced for 20 minutes before being distracted and then fragmented passive forcing for half day. All i did was imagined room(btw i have superb imagination). Room with window, coffee table and sofa. Took few personality traits, decided form from random pretty girl i don't know on internet for base aka placeholder and started to daydream away. But is forcing kinda like daydreaming? Active and passive forcing i mean. I can daydream for long times so not really a problem for me. How first contact happen. Imagined her in that room and narrated her with "mind voice" I introduced myself to her. Told her a bit about myself and told her a story. (read in a guide some can tell a story when forcing i can even provide source for it.) and now i have been asking some questions and narrating her what i am doing for a bit. Now title question. Can thos two come together. In day passive and after work active forcing? Bonus questions. Can i listen to music while forcing? And can i even like show my music taste while doing it? Also is it ok if i smoke small amount of mariuanna before active forcing? Not much. For me it is therapeutic purpose I will go back and read some guides to understand concept of forcing and narration but concepts are far from perfect understanding for me.
  7. Hello. Im newbie here and well. Hope i enjoy my time here.