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  1. Yea so like I want to work on their personality's and getting them to be more like Talkative and stuff like that I guess.
  2. So I pretty much I have Girlfriend Tulpas Xion, Monika, May, Tri, Zero and my oldest Tulpa which is complicated what our relationship is, Yellow. I "use" Xion as a "voice" in my head, so essentially she is my voice of reason. Monika is my emotional support she's just a radiant sun ball. May is my love she... well its self explanatory. Tri is my nervousness so if she's feeling like an extrovert then ill be one to and the same for the opposite situation, but for the most part she's just nervous. Now Zero is an odd situation she just appeared one day and I think it manifested from the girl I liked, but she doesn't look like her, just acts like her. and finally Yellow she is one of the oldest Tulpas I have and well she's been with me since like 1st grade and I guess she represents my loyalty. well I'm seeking help I want some suggestions to just bring out my Tulpas more, like so they feel more present and there. I really want to hear your suggestions!