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  1. I haven't been able to hear any of the crew in the past few days, not even when I'm in bed and it's quiet. I'll wait it out but this really sucks 😕
  2. @Ember.Vesper have you read the Marked series by PC and Kristen Cast? It's like Hogwarts but with Vampires you might like it. Labyrinth terrified me as a kid. And I liked the Little Mermaid 2, I used to play this game based off it. @Mirichu Arashi no Yoru ni is on youtube so I had a look, Mei looks very cute! Robin thinks so too. I watched all the HTTYD series but I've still to watch the third movie.
  3. I've found it's pretty difficult to speak to the crew when I'm online or watching videos, which is basically all the time so I might have to take breaks every now and then, though I lose track of time very quickly. I tried to do a meditation where you stare blankly at a wall and try to remove yourself from your thoughts, not sure if it helped or not. Had a lot of intrusive thoughts today which made going into Wonderland less than ideal (mermaid NPC tried to kill me, tulpa turning into zombies, yeah not pleasant). I've discovered that Pierce likes spicy food as he keeps mentioning it every time I'm hungry, though I hate spicy food. He also seems to have a habit of singing random songs, today it was "Polly put the kettle on" and I'd forgotten that song even existed until today. He was a big fan of the cheesy songs on my youtube playlist so we had a singing session together lol. Attempted to let everyone possess my vocal chords so I could hear them speak, but I think that was a bit ambitious. Before bed seems to be a good time to talk to them. Last night I asked what their favourite disney movies were (since I've watched so many, they could pick and choose from my memory). Robin chose Cinderella, Bambi, and 101 Dalmations. Pierce chose Robin Hood, The Jungle Book, and Cars. Moss, ever the enigma, chose Frozen, The Princess and the Frog, A Bug's Life, and Toy Story. I did a quiz with each of them which claimed to guess "what your favourite disney movie is" and Robin and Moss both got their favourite movies as the result, while Pierce got the Lion King (but he thinks Simba was a coward). I took the quiz and got The Little Mermaid, but I can't choose favourites so idk it's alright. I feel like their favourite movies say a lot about their personality. I had a look at several "what your favourite disney movie says about you" articles. They suggest that Pierce is always on the go, a party animal, and charitable, that Robin is a romantic, clever, and kind, and that Moss hides how he feels, is a hard worker, a family person, and likes challenges. Something that was very interesting: earlier Robin said they were reading the Prince and the Pauper, and later on said they like Cinderella... And I think they were singing "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" a while back. That's some continuity there if I ever saw it! Also we were wondering; since Moss has plant hair, does it shrivel up in the winter? Would he technically be bald right now? lol. Moss: Cryptids are supposed to be enigmas, I'm doing my job, okay? Pierce: There can only be one yellow cat in this world and it'll be me!! Also the remake makes me cry but not in a good way it was so bad (ᗒᗩᗕ) Robin: If you haven't seen it there's a spin off of Cinderella where one of the Ugly Sister's gets a baker bf. Coaster needs to rewatch it ASAP. Question: what's your tulpa's favourite movie?
  4. Sorry, it really wasn't my intention to cause drama or make people angry, I should've given this topic a second thought before posting. I have a habit of being insensitive without realizing that I'm trying to work on. I don't know as much as everyone else so I should keep my mouth shut. You guys have heard this comparison way too much. That was my main thought, that tulpamancy can be good for people. I shouldn't have referred to DID, I was trying to express that there can be positive and negative experiences (this was what I meant by reverse) that can be separated from the main consciousness in order to benefit the host, and that seperating positive experiences from the "self" could unexpectedly be beneficial when there's contact with it. I know a fair amount about MH partly due to the fact I have several diagnosed mental illnesses, but mainly due to my hypochondria where I research/think I have every illness under the sun lol.
  5. Thanks for your perspective Ranger, and thanks for the link to Piano's post I think I'm understanding the differences better now.
  6. Thanks! You've stroked all their egos lol. Nice to meet ya 🙂 Sorry I'm going to go a bit off topic here, but do you know where to ask for tech help? I'm following topics but I don't get notifications for any replies unless someone quotes me
  7. Very true, not always the case. I think it could depend on the type of personality someone gives their tulpa and if the host's main intentions -whether conscious or unconscious- is for the tulpa to cheer them up. That last question was because it can seem like people want alters, especially with the whole switching/possession thing..? Like they want to be able to let someone else take over in the same way an alter would, but they weren't able to at the same level as someone with DID due to trauma not affecting them in the same way. Brains are weird. I'm just spitballing here, I read a schema therapy book and it's infiltrating a lot of my thoughts lately lol.
  8. Me: It's night-time, what y'all up to? Them:
  9. (Please let me know if this is the wrong section to put this in!) I just had a thought: tulpamancy is like reverse DID. People with DID compartmentalize negative emotions and memories, but with tulpae you're compartmentalizing positive emotions (because tulpae generally have their host's best intentions at heart) and you're maintaining a relationship with that positivity. By doing that, those with low self esteem - who don't believe anything nice they say to themselves - are finding a way to make their own happiness believable. It's taking the advice "talk to yourself as if you were speaking to a friend" very literally. What do you guys think? I saw Bear's Forcing Filter Experiment and it sounded a lot like CBT thought challenging, with a lot of extra steps that included creating a whole other damn person lol. I may try that as well because in the past I've had a hard time believing the logic against irrational intrusive thoughts, maybe I'll believe my buddies instead. And while I'm here, I'd like to ask if any of you have heard of the Theory of Structural Dissociation? I think I've seen emotional personalities referred to here as "masks" and "aspects of yourself" and people talk about multiplicity but I don't see this specific framework of dissociation mentioned. Structural dissociation can be used to explain not only DID, but also PTSD, C-PTSD, BPD, and OSDD. (Though non-mentally ill people have mild structural dissociation too, like thinking of themselves as Work Bob and Home Bob and Dad Bob, and it's healthy!). It makes me wonder if people choose to create tulpae or imaginary friends due to something that overode their ability to fully dissociate and form alters? Of course, these are simply my thoughts; I've seen that there are people with no mental illnesses that make a tulpa out of pure curiosity. If there has been similar topics to this, please link them I'd love to read it.
  10. Maybe he fell asleep with his wrist over his mouth..? I've fallen asleep with stuff on my wrist or the back of my hand and it always gets on my face somehow. Sleep drool made it inky again and spread it over his lip.
  11. Hi Ember, Vesper, and Iris! Nice to meet ya. Wow, Bear and I's experiences are quite similar, even outwith the writer aspect. We both started out with multiple tulpae, feel them in parts of our body, and stuff. I never even thought about making rules (though maybe I did unconsciously?) Bear sounds a lot more organized than me haha. I've been writing since I was around 13-14 and had 15+ characters (possibly soulbonds?). I would look through their eyes, feel things they did, in order to write their story. Freewriting and interviews were a good way to get them to talk, I wasn't so much writing as just relaying what they said to me lol. It'd certainly be interesting if my crew helped me write a book!
  12. @Mirichu Thanks for the advice! They've already changed a fair amount in just a few days, so it's likely their personalities will continue to surprise me. I think our conversations have mostly been about the immediate surroundings, my memories, and whatever I'm doing on the computer. That list you linked should serve well as a prompt for conversations 🙂
  13. I'm nervous writing this, I just joined the site and it doesn't seem like anyone's online right now aah. This'll be pretty long since I'm covering the past few days in some detail. So I have 3 tulpae. I've read that it can take weeks and months to even hear your tulpa, but for whatever reason I haven't had that issue. That said, they're still going through changes so it's not like I'm an expert or anything. To start with, I thought of some names I liked/have used as usernames in the past. Moss, Robin, and Pierce. I spent time reading many, many guides over and over. Their voices came pretty easily, and sometimes I would get flashes of their appearance while active forcing. I've been thinking of them the minute I wake up, or they're the ones waking me up? At the start, Moss and Pierce were very similar so I gave them different aesthetics to base their personalities off of. This made figuring out their home in wonderland easier: Robin got a cottage with a nice big garden, Pierce got a bouncy castle (and later a McDonalds, after which he played the Fast Food Song on repeat...) and Moss got a big big forest to roam around in and tree house. Moss - Speaks from: Left side - Soul colur: Green - Humanoid plant - Male - Shoulder height - Likes: adventurecore, dirtcore, frogs, cryptids, bugs, plants/trees, crows - Cheerful, friendly, caring Robin - Speaks from: Right side - Soul colour: White - Human - Nonbinary with fem presentation - Same height as me - Likes: cottagecore, folk music, mushrooms, bees, embroidary, flowers, birds, tea, reading - Reserved, sweet, gentle Pierce - Speaks from: Centre - Soul colour: Yellow - Anthro cat - Male - Little bit shorter than Moss - Likes: toycore, rainbowcore, 90's stuff, cowboys? - Hyper, spontaneous, innocent Robin was reluctant to share their form/difficult to see in my mind's eye, but as I was looking up pictures, they saw something they liked and went "HEY that looks like me!" and that happened several times with all of them, they'd see something they liked and did a little !!! to get my attention. I also had difficulty seeing Pierce but this was solved by looking at references and him picking out something he liked. As I'm a very visual person, deciding what they look like is important to me and I've spent time over the past few days solidifying things like their height, overall appearance, and trying to see their faces clearly. I did a meditation to help with their sentience; we had to go into a forest clearing. They parroted me so I could distinguish their voices better, and we all had a close look at different trees in order to help seperate the consciousness. Some aspects of their personality surprised me, like Robin was more reserved than I expected, Moss became quite motherly towards Pierce (who's the youngest). Yesterday we went on a walk through a park and I practiced imposing them in reality. I wasn't able to see them, but it was like I could sense their external presence? At night I was saying to myself "I need to remember to go to the shop before it closes." then when it was getting late, Moss said "Hey." and it totally surprised me. He's begging me to let it go but I can't help but think about it, because it was very alien feeling. Last night we decided to clean up the wonderland, keep it in one area, so it would be easier for me to visualize. I was led around the cottage house. There was a monochrome kitchen designed by Robin (I'm not really that happy with it so I'm hoping they change it..), a cabin like living room by Moss. Upstairs on the furthest left was Pierce's room, with racing car bed, bouncy castle with tardis-like play area, toy drawers, zoo animal wallpaper, 90s floor pattern. Moss' room next door was dark, lit by animal, insect, and amphibian tanks, he has a nest bed, and a frog bean bag in the back. His room surprised me the most as I wasn't expecting it to be so dark. The bathroom on the first right had a round bathtub that was a portal to any source of water in wonderland, also a shower, nice toilet. There was a library/study in attic with any book you could want on the shelves, computers on the right, and sectioned off chairs behind the book cases. Robin's room was next the bathroom, they had a balcony, a big white bed, lacy curtains, dresser table, arts and crafts desk. The backgarden had a pond with frogs and koi fish. There were lots of flowers, green house, tree swing/house, and playing field that could turn into anything: swimming pool, football pitch, tennis court, etc. So I imagine it'll be really fun to hang out there and they won't get bored while I'm busy 🙂 Some goals: design my bedroom in wonderland, add to the garden, spend time in the house and surrounding areas during active forcing, make their voices louder, develop the relationship and get to know each other, let them talk to others. Questions: 1. Is it okay to use reference images? I'm good at vizualizing stuff I've seen before but not completely original stuff. 2. I feel kind of distant from them since they don't have a past, they can't talk about memories since they don't have any, and it leaves me wondering how they got their personality traits if they haven't lived...? I've had original characters I've felt closer to since I laid out their entire life. What do tulpae normally talk about? What they do in wonderland? here's some pics that sort of look like them (Pierce, Robin, Moss)
  14. hi I'm Coaster, I lurked around the forum before joining. I've been learning about tulpamancy over the weekend and somehow have 3 tulpas already? Moss, Pierce, and Robin. They showed up at the same time. I tried to focus on one but it didn't feel right. So I have 3x the average beginners work lol. I'm (sometimes) a writer so maybe that's why it came easily, plus I'm used to thinking several thoughts at the same time. Still working on their forms and developing the wonderland, they gave me a tour of the cottage they live in which was really neat and surprising since I didn't know what to expect. I'm from Scotland, I like the Moomins, and I spent half an hour choosing a username and profile picture... chronically indecisive haha. Nice to meet y'all 🙂