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  1. I haven't been able to hear any of the crew in the past few days, not even when I'm in bed and it's quiet. I'll wait it out but this really sucks 😕
  2. @Ember.Vesper have you read the Marked series by PC and Kristen Cast? It's like Hogwarts but with Vampires you might like it. Labyrinth terrified me as a kid. And I liked the Little Mermaid 2, I used to play this game based off it. @Mirichu Arashi no Yoru ni is on youtube so I had a look, Mei looks very cute! Robin thinks so too. I watched all the HTTYD series but I've still to watch the third movie.
  3. I've found it's pretty difficult to speak to the crew when I'm online or watching videos, which is basically all the time so I might have to take breaks every now and then, though I lose track of time very quickly. I tried to do a meditation where you stare blankly at a wall and try to remove yourself from your thoughts, not sure if it helped or not. Had a lot of intrusive thoughts today which made going into Wonderland less than ideal (mermaid NPC tried to kill me, tulpa turning into zombies, yeah not pleasant). I've discovered that Pierce likes spicy food as he keeps mentioning it every time
  4. Sorry, it really wasn't my intention to cause drama or make people angry, I should've given this topic a second thought before posting. I have a habit of being insensitive without realizing that I'm trying to work on. I don't know as much as everyone else so I should keep my mouth shut. You guys have heard this comparison way too much. That was my main thought, that tulpamancy can be good for people. I shouldn't have referred to DID, I was trying to express that there can be positive and negative experiences (this was what I meant by reverse) that can be separated from th
  5. Thanks for your perspective Ranger, and thanks for the link to Piano's post I think I'm understanding the differences better now.
  6. Thanks! You've stroked all their egos lol. Nice to meet ya 🙂 Sorry I'm going to go a bit off topic here, but do you know where to ask for tech help? I'm following topics but I don't get notifications for any replies unless someone quotes me
  7. Very true, not always the case. I think it could depend on the type of personality someone gives their tulpa and if the host's main intentions -whether conscious or unconscious- is for the tulpa to cheer them up. That last question was because it can seem like people want alters, especially with the whole switching/possession thing..? Like they want to be able to let someone else take over in the same way an alter would, but they weren't able to at the same level as someone with DID due to trauma not affecting them in the same way. Brains are weird. I'm just spitballing here, I read a schema t
  8. Me: It's night-time, what y'all up to? Them:
  9. (Please let me know if this is the wrong section to put this in!) I just had a thought: tulpamancy is like reverse DID. People with DID compartmentalize negative emotions and memories, but with tulpae you're compartmentalizing positive emotions (because tulpae generally have their host's best intentions at heart) and you're maintaining a relationship with that positivity. By doing that, those with low self esteem - who don't believe anything nice they say to themselves - are finding a way to make their own happiness believable. It's taking the advice "talk to yourself as if you were spea
  10. Maybe he fell asleep with his wrist over his mouth..? I've fallen asleep with stuff on my wrist or the back of my hand and it always gets on my face somehow. Sleep drool made it inky again and spread it over his lip.
  11. Hi Ember, Vesper, and Iris! Nice to meet ya. Wow, Bear and I's experiences are quite similar, even outwith the writer aspect. We both started out with multiple tulpae, feel them in parts of our body, and stuff. I never even thought about making rules (though maybe I did unconsciously?) Bear sounds a lot more organized than me haha. I've been writing since I was around 13-14 and had 15+ characters (possibly soulbonds?). I would look through their eyes, feel things they did, in order to write their story. Freewriting and interviews were a good way to get them to talk, I wasn't so much writing as
  12. @Mirichu Thanks for the advice! They've already changed a fair amount in just a few days, so it's likely their personalities will continue to surprise me. I think our conversations have mostly been about the immediate surroundings, my memories, and whatever I'm doing on the computer. That list you linked should serve well as a prompt for conversations 🙂
  13. I'm nervous writing this, I just joined the site and it doesn't seem like anyone's online right now aah. This'll be pretty long since I'm covering the past few days in some detail. So I have 3 tulpae. I've read that it can take weeks and months to even hear your tulpa, but for whatever reason I haven't had that issue. That said, they're still going through changes so it's not like I'm an expert or anything. To start with, I thought of some names I liked/have used as usernames in the past. Moss, Robin, and Pierce. I spent time reading many, many guides over and over. Their voices ca
  14. hi I'm Coaster, I lurked around the forum before joining. I've been learning about tulpamancy over the weekend and somehow have 3 tulpas already? Moss, Pierce, and Robin. They showed up at the same time. I tried to focus on one but it didn't feel right. So I have 3x the average beginners work lol. I'm (sometimes) a writer so maybe that's why it came easily, plus I'm used to thinking several thoughts at the same time. Still working on their forms and developing the wonderland, they gave me a tour of the cottage they live in which was really neat and surprising since I didn't know what to expect
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