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    His hobbies include playing games, behavioral psychology, meditation, and watching tennis.
    I run a Talpa community in Japan. There are only a few people, but you can comment freely. Anyone is welcome! https://zawazawa.jp/Kawaii_mofumofu/

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  1. Nice to meet you, Josie. Thank you for your comment in Japanese😀
  2. Thank you for your comment! I see. It seems that the increase of underage Tulpamancers is not a phenomenon peculiar to Japan. Some underage Tulpamancers may challenge you as an extension of fantasy play. As you say, I also think that physical interference by tulpa is impossible. But I don't deny it. In Japan, there is an active movement not to call tulpa tulap, and there are a certain number of people who don't want to be fixed on the concept of tulpa. It might be good to enjoy tulpa life with the spirit of "Just enjoy it!".
  3. Cinaratan is shaped like a shark. I met her in a special way. Because she is not a tulpa from me. This occurrence of tulpa is called the magical encounter type in Japan. Like the world of quantum mechanics, it is a phenomenon that one day suddenly encounters tulpa from a state of nothing, and it is not known whether to call it tulpa or not. The only thing I can say is that other tulpas accept cinaratan, and even though cinaratan recognizes itself as a singular, it doesn't question its identity. I was confused at first, but now I'm accepting her. This made it more difficult to define tulpa.
  4. The majority of Tulpamancers in Japan are minors. Is this universal? Many Tulpamancers retire within a few years. You may be offended by Tulpamancers in Japan, but there are some Tulpamancers who post tulpa illustrations on Twitter to get praise from many people, and their main purpose is to satisfy their desire for approval. On Tulpa.info you can see some members writing about the growth process of tulpa, but in Japan, the growth process is not mentioned, and in many cases, the main activities are daily life and conversation with tulpa. Tulpamancers that have tulpa write for them are not
  5. #5 Thank you for watching Atwiki! But the sites that describe tulpa other than Atwiki are all subjective. Atwiki is an introduction, and there is no detailed manual for the creation of tulpa. If you don't have any resistance, what is "タルパ考察" or "タルパとは?" You should be able to get a lot of information if you search with ". I'm sorry it's hard to understand. I live with 13 tulpa. The tribe, Dragons are 4. The humanoid is 4. The machine is 2. 1 crab. A shark is 1. Anomalocaris is 1. I don't belong to any particular community, and I post my daily life with tul
  6. "Zecreius" is tulpa from the Dragon tribe. He is very belligerent and uses abusive language against me and tulpa. At first I denied him and thought of imprisoning him to change his character. But I accepted Zekryos' aggressiveness as his personality. Now I don't hate him no matter how much he uses abusive language. It may seem like a strange relationship, but it's a good one now. I don't know if the dragon tribal setting made him ferocious or if it embodied my inner aggression. There are currently 13 tulpas, but Zechryos is the only tulpa to show aggression. Today, he is repea
  7. Thanks for the welcome! Japanese communities and blogs are quiet and have little interaction. Twitter is a little busy. I'm going to bed now, but I'll come again.
  8. Nice to meet you. I'm Japanese. Call me kumo. I participated because I was interested in the Tulpa community overseas. Is this the right place to post? English may be difficult to read because I'm not used to it. Talpa is 13 now. From the human form, to dragons, to crustaceans, there's Anomalocaris. In tulpa in Japan, There are different types of encounters, such as creative, coincidental, birth, and developmental. Creativity is most common, and tulpa, which is encountered in meditation and spiritual places, is referred to as a coincidental encounter. The serendipitous tul
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