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  1. If anyone is just coming into this thread, I want to let you know that interviews are closed now, at least for the time being. If I get the opportunity to re-open them I will let you know!
  2. 1) It's completely fine if you don't want to show your face! 2) Typing in the chat is totally cool too, as long as you're okay with me referencing the transcripts later. 3) It depends on what you are most comfortable with. I'd be happy to interview you or your host, depending on whoever wants to talk most. If you want to talk, by all means, please do!
  3. My name is Jessica Hunsberger, and I am a student at Champlain College studying art and animation for video games. One of my classes, Secular and the Sacred: X-Files, requires for my final project that I conduct some ethnographic field research in a community in which I am interested so that I may produce a final research paper detailing the culture and history of said community. Despite the “X-Files” moniker, the assignment is explicitly NOT focused on the supernatural but rather the intersections of community, science, and belief. (X-Files is more of a fun theme, if anything.) Thus, being a lurker in the Tulpamancy community for some years now, there is no community I think would be more fitting for me to research. I would like to interview at least one tulpamancer (and their tulpas, if possible!) but I would be happy to interview more if there is enough interest. Ideally, I would like to record the interview for my sanity so I can remember what we talked about without having to take notes the whole time, and I would be happy to supply you with a copy of the recording and the final paper when it is completed. We can communicate however you like, be it Discord, Skype, or some other means. Questions will be about how you came to know of this community, how long you have been an active participant, and your experiences regarding tulpaforcing and interacting with your tulpas. What techniques did/do you use? How has this impacted your life at large? And so on. I do not expect the conversations to last more than thirty minutes (but they can, if you want!) and first and foremost I see this as a more conversational thing. If you are interested, please send me a message on this forum saying a little something about yourself and your tulpas and how you would like to communicate and I will get back to you as soon as possible (I live on the east coast). Thank you! EDIT 3/21/2020 - Thanks for your interest folks! I'm going to have to put a cork in it for now, but if you're still interested stay tuned - I may re-open interviews in the future! (If you REALLY want to do it and haven't done so already, send me a message by the end of the day today and I'll see what I can do.)