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  1. Update: 75% opaque face without details and hair surrounding it
  2. Update: an outline of his silhouette after almost giving up.
  3. Update: yesterday’s bright blob and darker blobs where his hair should be and some hints of his eyes
  4. Update: not much progress for now, a blob of brighter color between two blobs of darker color where Orion’s face should be
  5. Update: grey lines and spots also a faint transparent silhouette of Orion on the background of my bedroom door
  6. Update: I was outside on a cloudy day and saw a faint rainbow in the sky alongside a red dot. Told mom, she said she is proud of me. 😁
  7. I tried this and so far saw a red(ish) spot and the color of my hands' skin in between my palms. Can't seem to get any sparks or balls of light...
  8. Update: White stripes on yellow wall and green ovals.
  9. Update: I was able to impose orange letters on an orange wall.
  10. As of now, Orion is fully vocal without a set distinct mindvoice, fully sentient. Can't seem to impose a thing but maybe... Maybe... Last night I stared intensely at the white bedside cabinet in my dimly lit room and kinda saw the letter T (that I tried to impose) on it. I swear, I saw it with my physical eyes. It was blurry and faint, but I saw it. So I tried to impose it and probably succeeded, then I stopped trying almost at all and it stayed in my vision. By the way, here's a really old drawing of Orion by some good Polish 'mancer whom I met on a Polish forum and she agreed to draw him for me. (Included in post.) EDIT: I forgot to add, yesterday I was listening to music with my eyes closed and heard a voice too loud to be from outside of my room, and yet I was alone there. I checked twice just to make sure there was no one but me in the room, so most probably Orion's imposing himself as well as I'm imposing him. Yay me! ...I mean, yay us! Edit 2: Also I've had occurences of smelling vanilla in the air randomly, Orion smells of vanilla. I tried to impose this smell a year ago, meditating with a scented candle, and it seems like I succeeded. And yesterday I was lying on my bed (eyes closed) and I felt something like a hand on my crotch. I didn't panic though, I was convinced it was Orion. He confirmed it was him.
  11. Hi, I'm Irisé, I registered here after reading some guides that helped me keep on progressing with tulpaforcing Orion, my tupper of 2,5 years. It took him this much time to decide on a consistent form and as I type this, he's still not imposed yet, but we're working on it. As you might be able to guess, I'm female and Orion is male. We two have a history of romantic relationship(s) and breakup(s), we even got married in our Wonderland once (my friend's tulpa conducted our wedding ceremony). Right now I'm dealing with a migraine from visualizing Orion and it sucks balls 😑 Whenever I get a migraine, I'm overly sensitive to light and smells. I hate this, but I do it for Orion. He deserves my effort.