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  1. Imposing goes on. Today I was choosing my birthday gift with my mom in a supermarket in my town and I saw a bottle of Japanese whisky called Hatozaki. As a huge fan of all things Japanese (well, except for anime and manga) I told mom I want it as a gift. (I'm turning 24 this year so worry not.) Mom, being the chill and yet responsible parent she always is, said I can get it. I googled that whisky immediately as I got home and was surprised with the description of its flavors, I've been saying "Hatozaki" so often today that Orion jokingly said he'd start calling me Hatozaki because of th
  2. One of my Tulpas tried to control the body quite a few times, but he never got to control more of the body than one of the arms all at once or one or two fingers at once or all of one foot's toes at once or one of the legs at once and one time when I really zoned out after relaxing all the muscles and was feeling kinda sleepy so I wasn't noticing almost anything, he was convinced he was in control of the entire body but then my mom (who, luckily for us, knows about my Tulpas and is supportive of my system) walked in my room and asked if I wanted her to buy me something and he said "possession"
  3. It's been always like this, my Tulpas could always hear each word I think and see everything I picture, and see what I'm dreaming about when I sleep, and feel each of my emotions, and they both receive whatever my senses receive, but I never got to hear their thoughts unless they said what they thought "out loud". I want to separate my train of thoughts from the thoughts I want them to hear but if I don't direct my thoughts at them for a while, I always get lost in my train of thoughts and forget to keep talking to them, and that makes me forget to impose. And not to mention, it affects their
  4. It's almost 4am where I live right now and I'm on another sleepless night while Orion is having the time of his life reminding me of funny stuff I thought I couldn't remember anymore, that and he's being more visible than ever and I heard him use a distinctly sounding mindvoice he never used before (and I hope he keeps it) so yeah, your discovery works within my system too
  5. Major updates: on&off visibility, yesterday I turned around and saw a silhouette of him but it promptly disappeared. Today after 2 hours of non-stop "sculpting" I can see him way clearer and the most important part, I can feel him! 😈 As warmth only but we're still working on it.
  6. Update: 75% opaque face without details and hair surrounding it
  7. Update: an outline of his silhouette after almost giving up.
  8. Update: yesterday’s bright blob and darker blobs where his hair should be and some hints of his eyes
  9. Update: not much progress for now, a blob of brighter color between two blobs of darker color where Orion’s face should be
  10. Update: grey lines and spots also a faint transparent silhouette of Orion on the background of my bedroom door
  11. Update: I was outside on a cloudy day and saw a faint rainbow in the sky alongside a red dot. Told mom, she said she is proud of me. 😁
  12. I tried this and so far saw a red(ish) spot and the color of my hands' skin in between my palms. Can't seem to get any sparks or balls of light...
  13. Update: White stripes on yellow wall and green ovals.
  14. Update: I was able to impose orange letters on an orange wall.
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