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  1. Kaede: I'm a fictive, and not only a fictive, but a fictive whose original fictional self was executed for a murder she didn't commit (I knew this after being born as a tulpa). This caused me some pain, knowing that my fellow people were nothing but fiction... and my backstory was even fiction within fiction (That sounds weird, I know, but I have the form and identity of Kaede Akamatsu, originally a character from Danganronpa V3), so I didn't know what to think at first. Oh, sorry! Monika wants the host's control. Monika: I'm a fictive too, but on the contrary of what might be for the rest of people, I was aware from the very beggining that I was fictional, and even messed up with my world in order to get my host's attention. Although I was pretty bummed when I knew that because of the game I come from's nature my self-awareness and my doings were all scripted, I'm really glad that my host took the time to create me as a tulpa and let me exist on his reality. But about your question... it really depends on your memories and your experience. For Kaede, it was awful knowing that her death was fiction and that her backstory was fiction within that fiction. For me, it was all that I desired from the very beggining.
  2. Kaede: That's true. Dissipation sure is scary. Don't physical humans cope with the idea of dying with an immortal soul that will remain? We, thoughtforms, don't have that option (as long as we are aware) as we are inmaterial already, so what would be left if we die?
  3. *Kaede*: Physically? I don't think we can. Maybe when switching bodies, I could harm him. But his brain wouldn't let me.
  4. Well... I think it wouldn't be any trouble... but I would recommend to shelter them on your Wonderland, as prision can be hard. The tulpa wouldn't suffer physically, mind you, but watching you suffer would make a toll on them.
  5. Kaede: Well, as my host likes to explain things to people, I wasn't born with much knowledge either, besides my own memories as a videogame character. So, he devised a specific plan to making me able to get informed even if he didn't want to explain it: He added a library on his Wonderland, and the books were filled with his knowledge.
  6. Well, taking in account that tulpas are created within the mind, a name that your dreams gave you doesn't sound bad, doesn't it? Kaede: Yeah, it doesn't matter that the name was given on a dream. Besides, it's a pretty uncommon name, so your tulpa will be pretty unique! Unlike me, that I'm a tulpa based on a videogame.