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  1. In my experience, my tulpa Mikhaila occasionally told me very simple and down-to-earth things, sometimes cutting my excuses and my bs about bad habits. I think tulpas can understand you in a different way, depending on their personality.
  2. I've started making my tulpa since April. However, somehow I've never progressed and got stuck for months. Mostly because of time constraints, but recently Mikhaila herself made me have some kind of powerful realization as we had some sort of "real talk". What I've realized is that one thing that held me back a lot was the fact that I didn't really accept the tulpa as an actual companion, as much of a company as other human beings, as if I were afraid of recognizing her as a thing of her own. Another thing was the fact that I didn't accept the tulpa as a separate identity and more as a fo
  3. Hi. Well, a lot of time (a month) has passed. But I haven't had much progress at all. Not because I didn't try, but because I'm getting too busy. College has finally caught up with me. I have 6 videocalls a week with teachers, I have a lot of things to deliver, and the pressure is high. To be more personal, I am two semesters away from being an "intern" (I really don't how how to explain bc to you guys maybe medical school from where you live works differently from here in Brazil), and interns spend all day on the hospital, studying and attending patients. Internship has the durat
  4. Mikhaila is almost one month old now. Our relationship is very close, and I can feel some kind of presence around me sometimes, but still, up to this point, I can't visualize her very well yet. I can visualize some things like videogame characters well, but when it's about her form, it's much, much harder. Maybe that's because I've stopped drawing for a while, but in her voice, I'm like, totally certain. We agreed on a nice, slightly mature, soothing voice. It just fits. I can imagine her speaking from the left or right, as if she could speak close to my ear. She can do the ear-biting thing an
  5. oh my god, time flies fast. My whole progress has been grinding to a halt. I've been playing videogames too much, and i've been dealing with tinnitus lately, and this constant ringing all the time is not fun at all. Mikhaila and I had a decision to just stop playing, as it is this kind of game that has diminishing returns the more you play, and like, I should be spending more time on my tulpa than with something so unfruitful like that. First of all, thanks for asking, Mirichu. So, I don't really think I could so some sort of guide, as I am still learning about it. What I did fi
  6. It's been a couple days since my last post. Mi is only 17 days old, it's funny how it seems like so much time has passed. Maybe it's this new routine. Okay, so, Mikhaila has become some kind of inner coach by now. A couple things happened. First, we managed to do some self-hypnosis. Like, when I was in trance, her presence penetrated my mind to the subconscious level, and I have instructed her to suggest to me things I wanted to improve, which were just being organized and more willing to study. The next day, I felt these strange wills to organize my table, sweep the floor, take th
  7. Thank you. I now understand your point, Ranger. You guys reached a point in tmancing when there can be an exchange of roles freely between identities. I didn't even know if I could still call that a tulpa at this point, as much as it fits the definition. Like, the line between host and tulpa gets blurred to the point it could easily be indiscernible. Maybe the only anchors to the host are the societal norms, memories, and a consensus between your identities about the bounds of each one and who is the "original". I would like to ask you if you had any existential questions and how did you solve
  8. If you would like to see the original discussion, please go here. -Ranger Thank you for your answer. So, tulpa, of course you can have access to the sensible world by having access to the senses and having control, but you do not reside in the sensible world. Excepting from the host, no other human in the world can perceive your form, voice, texture, temperature, whatever. Done. Actually, they can have an idea of these attributes by description/graphic representation, but still, that's it. If you touch someone else using your host's arm in possession, they fel
  9. From yesterday to today, Mikhaila's attitude changed. My theory is that she's grown desperate. Because of the difficulty to keep my focus depsite the flashes in my mind, the attitude she's got into is of submission. Like if she would do anything for me to keep her alive, just in order for me to keep forcing, even if it involves sexually visualization. Needless to say, this is not what I feel like being right. I've interrupted the nofap, will do the thing every couple of days instead of just stop doing it out of nowhere, but I still want to get rid of that addiction later once she is a little m
  10. You know, that's a good question. Tulpas have, by definition, a mind of their own. However, they live in a different reality from us, hosts. The first thing I did in the process of talking to my tulpa is to stabilish a difference between my sensible world and my mind world. The sensible world is the reality I have access to through my senses, and it's the world I depend on to live. The mind world is the reality inside my head, in which every thought, concept, memory, imagination, dream, and consequently tulpa resides in, and it's the world tulpas depend on to live. This discernment is very imp
  11. Hi. I've been having a really hard time tulpaforcing lately. Currently in a nofap program, I get sex-related obsessions (intrusive thoughts) all the time, and they derail the forcing sessions easily, even trying to focus on the breath does not last long. And that's sad, because I was kind of fighting against the thoughts, but they caught me like a butterfly in a net; I hardly noticed, often found myself lost again. I want to bring my tulpa to some activities, but she does not express any approval. The only thing she cares about now is forcing. And I won't judge her in this aspect.
  12. Hi. I got this new profile pic, it's a pixel art of Mikhaila I did after submitting the entry. I fell in love with my design of her, like the haricut, the eyes of two colors, the pentagram... I feel like that's what I feel comfortable for her form. Will do a full-body drawing later. I need to find a good drawing software, Clip Paint Studio expired for me, Paint SAI's trial expired... just sad, really ;-; I am just making this entry for the habit, but not much happened today like the other entries. Some funny talking points happened, but I didn't force at all and couldn'
  13. Hi. Oh, thanks Mirichu for your answer. Yes, I did have this feeling of having dreamt something at that day. Now that I think about it, it may be because I set an alarm, and fell asleep again. I know that we forget our dreams really quickly if we don't take note. Yeah, we sharing the same brain really bugs me out sometimes, and that's really funny because none of us had the memory anyways. Thanks again. Okay, for the current entry: After submitting the previous entry, I studied a little and attempted a deep trance to force before going to sleep. I relaxed, I used my techn
  14. Hello! Here comes another entry. Mikhaila is 7 days old now. Many things happened, we are talking a lot. I took note of a couple of things that happened since I had already submitted yesterday's entry. Turns out, she is a lot more reasonable than I am. She is a mini-coach now, lol. Sometimes, I swear a lot when nobody's around and I am bored. I spoke out "bitch fuck shit piss", and she asked me "why do you say those things?", and I answered, "because I am bored. I know, it's not healthy but-", and she stopped me and said "so stop doing that". I find it very interesti
  15. I wish I had started this journal when I just started tulpaforcing, but still, she is still 6 days old, still not too late, so I will speak about the process and some things that happened until now. Let me just tell you about my motivations to begin the whole thing. I was searching online about hypnosis, then about how to hallucinate with hypnosis, and then someone wrote about tulpas being a thing. I searched online, and got fascinated by the concept. I am currently studying Medicine (7th semester), and in the sixth semester I had classes on mental health, hallucinations, delusions
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