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  1. My tulpas will respond to questions with a mind-voice, but often they are garbled or run together. Example: "Ivy, What do you think of that tree¨ And she'll respond with like, 5 different sentances but they will run together and overlap eachother?
  2. I was around 12 when I first tried to create a Tulpa. I was also in a very very bad place and needed some escape and I think thats the main reason I wanted to. i never got around to creating the full Tulpa but shes still an idea floating around in my head. I dont think it would be such a bad idea, as long as you understand the repercussions.
  3. Hi there! My first progress report! I'm Pigeon (or Soft,) the host, and my two Tulpas are about a month old. While they both have some sentient responses, I wouldn't fully call them sentient. We're in a inbetween! Evelyn is a sweet girl who loves drawing and wildlife. She has long hair (I think its blonde but shes changed it up a few times,,) and loves wearing summer dresses and loltia type dresses. She popped in without me explicitly creating her, but I welcomed her in and spend a lot of time with her. Ivy is a feisty lil bastard! Shes loud and blunt and doesnt care what people think of her. She has a clearer form, which is a girl with a bob style hair (once again, her hair is still changing but most of the time its black!) and she mostly wears a sports bra and shorts. Sometimes shell have a cat tail and ears but not often. She was the first Tulpa I really sat down and decided to really put effort into. Shes a bit more devolped than Evelyn for that reason. I called this topic the pillow fort because my wonderland often takes the shape of a pillowfort !! hope yall will be intrested in my lil adventures!
  4. hi! Im pigeon! I started on a tulpa about a month ago and due to the fact Ive always had a habit of talking to myself she took form and started with short responses very quickly. Shes feisty and opinionated and i love her to death !! Evelyn popped in about 3 weeks ago and shes very sweet. Loves art (ive noticed she loves drawing guys a lot!!) and wears a lot of cute, lolti-ish dresses. I havent tried to switch or such, but I'm excited to let my tulpas grow and explore
  5. Happens for us too! Its a little unnerving but Ive gotten used to it and Ivy and Evelyn have gotten better at not doing it.
  6. Hi! just made an account. I discovered Tulpas a while ago but only just recently remembered them. I started workign (i think its called forcing?) with a tulpa which took the name Ivy. Ive always had some sort of habit of talking to myself, so Ivy started responding quite easily. However, when working with Ivy, my brain kinda kept working on another named Evelyn, and they both have different personalities, responses, and appearances. Is this normal? I like Evelyn, and Ive welcomed her into my wonderland, but I didnt explictly start on her? I didnt sit down and say "Im going to create a second Tulpa." Sorry If i used wrong words or such !! please tell me if i did.