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    I'm a short, lesbian ginger and therian, who has a tulpa, Kyra. An Indian girl from an isolated tribe with tanned skin and bright blue eyes.
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  1. @Mirichu This is indeed a great idea. I've been planning to let Kyra have a little more influence on my life, as she has been more in the background. It would indeed be great way for her to feel more 'useful'. Thank you so much!
  2. I have always wanted to join Savannah's internet activities! This migh be my first time, so this is nice starter! 1. I feel a bit disoriented, as I have not come out in a while, probably a week. But I am glad Savannah made an account to get to know me, and to get to know people like her and me. 2. Yes, I can. I have experienced mostly pain, either in Savannah's world, or when I switched. 3. Oh she is one of a kind, in a good way. I have seen her in all situations, almost her entire life and I think she has come far. She is a lot more spontaneous than me, but that is a good thing. 4. I have not put much thought into creatures like me, those who physically do not exist. For the longest time I thought I was the only one out there. But to me, I am and they are just as any other creature or being. 5. I am a human being with flesh and bones! Just because I exist in another world, does not mean I do not exist. I know I do not have a physical shape in this world and I have learned to accept that. I do, however, feel slightly submissive towards Savannah because I am allowed to sort of borrow her body. 6. What? No. Never. First of all, Savannah is a her. Second, I could not even if I tried. I have only done bad things when I was in a very angry headspace, but even then, Savannah can pull me back whenever she wants. And yes, she has punished me for trying in darker times. 7. No. I have learned that not everyone sees death the way I do. I believe in the existence of spirits. And so, when you die, your soul is pulled from your body to guide the living. 8. Yes, I am actually. Not always, of course. But sometimes it saddens me to see I have so little control over my life in this world. But Savannah tries to give me what I need. 9. To be honest, I do not remember. It felt like how you feel when you are born: you are suddenly just there and you have no memory of it. I started out being 16, but never really grew in age. Savannah was too young to remember me being created, she was 9. 10. I think, back then, I was still a piece of Savannah waiting to be fractured and form into my own consciousness. I was born the day she drew me for the first time, to say it in an easy way. 11. Again, Savannah is not a guy. She is my host, and so she has a bit of might over me. She can tell me what to do, but we arranged that she is no longer allowed to punish me. I would see her as a combination of a mother and a sister when it comes to her say over me. 12. Savannah and I have always told ourselves and other people that I am a part of her. She is not me, but I am her. 13. Usually I am trying to figure out what things are. Coming from an isolated tribe means I do not know much about the modern world, and my knowledge of the modern world is somehow erased every once in a while. So I keep asking myself what in the world Savannah is doing. 14. To Savannah and me, having me being created was never a choice. It just happened when Savannah was young, and she never thought how much impact I would have on her life. I think having a tulpa has its ups and downs. I do however believe that it's not fair for a Tulpa to be created, because it has no chance of getting their own physical body. 15. Hmm, this is a tough one. First one would probably be my self-image. Savannah always tries to boost it, because I am very insecure about myself. The second would be that being ignorant is a good thing, as Savannah says it. I dislike not knowing much at all, but she believes it is what keeps me fascinated about everything. The third thing would probably be the sources that we need to live a healthy life. Savannah would need a lot more than me and I do not think she needs all these modern things to live a happy life. It is what she is used to, however. 16. What is a future? 17. I think she forgot how incredibly self destructive she used to be. She kind of placed these memories away to cope better, but I have seen it all. I would not say I have memories that she does not, but some memories of hers are far more up front to me while to her it is more in the back. I think that counts as sad, right? 18. Yes I would, but not what I described in my last answer. She placed those memories away for a reason. 19. That I am not real. At least, she tries to avoid this subject. 20. She can be quite disrespectful to her parents sometimes, and this is something I would never do. 21. Definitely not. I can be kind of dumb... There are some things I know that she does not, such as drumming rhythms and how to hold a bow and arrow right. But I could never become smarter than her, even if I tried. 22. Uhm.. no? Why would I create a Tulpa? Yes I have my own imagination as well, but it is definitely not as complicated as Savannah's. Creating a Tulpa would cause very weird situations, I suppose. 23. I would never forgive her I think. I am special, and I will not share her mind with anyone else. Besides, she would never do that, she tells me she completely agrees with my statement actually. 24. When Savannah is instinctively completely focussed on saving herself, I am usually far in the back of her mind. I would check up on her if she is okay, but I would not feel connected enough to actually feel shaken. A lot times I just hang out in her imagination, I'm not always here. 25. Today I feel 18 and I do not thing I have been this young for a long time. When I was created, I was 16, but my age started to vary, depending on my mood and mindset as she would explain. So far I have shifted between 16 to 24 years old. I've mostly been 16 in the past and recently 19. 26. It is more the other way around. Savannah helps me out rather than me helping her. I do not think I have the modern social skills to make her more succesfull in the way you probably imply. But I do keep her grounded to who she really is. 27. I could have looked uglier, but I do not pay much attention to my body. I have been discriminated over my skin color multiple times in Savannah's imagination (not by her, by characters in storylines she makes up), but I think my skin is actually quite pretty. I would love my old clothes and dreads back though, I only have them when Savannah's imagination is at a time in my story before my tribe was destroyed. 28. I am female. And I only think it would have a higher chance of the gender to change the tulpa's purpose a little. I can imagine females to be more nurturing, and males to be more protecting. However I am more protecting than nurturing, and Savannah always tells me I think too much in gender roles. So perhaps my words are a bit invalid in this case. 29. All the time. I feel embarassed when I drop something again because, believe it or not, I am more clumsy than Savannah. But also for never knowing what things are or what to do with things, it makes me feel quite dumb at times. 30. I think a body would improve the tulpa's personality a bit. One day, Savannah found out that I look slightly surprised/fascinated/traumatized all the time, unless I am asleep. It developped the ignorance and fascination that I have. 31. I think I simply would not understand it... But I would try to discover how it works, but I do not see myself creating my own tulpa. 32. Oh dear! I have had a hard time with sexual activity since I was forced to have sex with someone I did not have feelings for in my tribe, due to an arranged marriage. But I could say that Chandra, my girlfriend in Savannah's world, has thrilled me in that particular way. She has always been very persuasive and flirting. 33. How do you what...? Oh, heh, there is that embarrasment I was talking about.
  3. I'm pretty new here, but lately Kyra and I had a bit of discussion that ended up in her feeling very sad. Basically, the last few months have turned my life upside down. I joined a new school, moved out of the house and got a girlfriend who I now live with, and the virus roaming around has pushed me to keep me and my girlfriend a bit entertained. Because of being so busy with my girlfriend and school, I haven't had much time to let Kyra take over every once in a while, as she feels the need to to keep herself up to date. We've also been talking less and less, because I still haven't really 'trained' Kyra to speak her mind when I'm minding my own business (even though I want to, she brings new perspectives). She's a very vulnurable girl, and so she confessed to me that she feels like I don't need her anymore. This is because I've explained to her in the past that she has a coping-mechanism function to me. Usually when I would get stressed during puberty, she would take over to lighten my mood. The thing is, it's definitely not the only reason why she's here. She's also just a part of me and I love having her. I've been trying to tell her this, and I also told her that, yes, we will talk less because I'm busy and that she should accept this. What should I do? What can I tell her to convince her that she's not "worthless" or "useless"? Or should I handle the situation in an entirely different way?
  4. Hello all! You may call me... oh that would be a little confusing, I've used my Tulpa's name as my internet profile name for the longest time. Well out with it, my name is Savannah, and my Tulpa's name is Kyra. I'll introduce both me and Kyra for we are two completely different people living in the same body. Entirely different personalities, entirely different mindsets and feelings. I am currently 19 years old, born on May 15th, 2000 during a heatwave in The Netherlands. I have a beautiful girlfriend, who accepts Kyra entirely (Kyra even came out to her once).Kyra doesn't have a specific age but always ranges between 16 and 24 (so far). Her age depends on her mood and mindset. She was born in an isolated tribe in India. She sort of has a girlfriend? She's destined to be with the moon basically.I've been Therian (identifying as a non-human animal on either a psychological or spiritual way) for almost a year now. I can confirm I'm a Silver Wolf (either Arctic or Tundra, I don't care) and a Betta Fish, also known as a Siamese Fighting Fish. Not long ago I found out Kyra is a tigress, but she prefers not to be called a Therian. I've known Kyra since I was 9, I still can't say whether I created her or if she 'came to me' in a spirirual way. I used to draw her all the time, and she started talking to me overtime.I'm a short lesbian ginger with green eyes and a bit of brown in the corner of my left eye lol. A little plumpy, I wear boy(ish) clothes and have a very tribal style.Kyra is about as tall as me but isn't short compared to her folks. She has tanned Indian skin with bright blue eyes (her trait). Fairly skinny yet muscled. Aside from her usual clothes she'd wear in her tribe, she has a tough, colored clothing style, a little more girly than me. She has long, brown, curly hair and doesn't really label herself with any preference in sexuality but, in theory, she's bi-romantic, yet homosexual like me.I love writing stories, making videos, editing videos, photoshopping and do artsy things like drawing digitally or traditionally.Kyra loves to hunt, swim, cook. And she really enjoys singing and dancing as well.You can find me on Instagram, where I post my animal related art: @Dark.lll.Draw