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    I am Hako. My main hobby is learning Japanese; I would consider myself having basic fluency but not near native level. I am the host of one tulpa, Minu.

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  1. hakonoou


    I was unable to force any this week. It was already past time to sleep whenever I felt that I had free time. I put Minu into a sort of semi-hibernation. I simplified the form to an orb (similar to the one used a long time ago before starting proper forcing). I only read A&J's post afterwards; I will try talking to Minu every once in a while. I probably will not come back to this site for a while. I have set up my account so that any replies to this thread or direct messages to me will be emailed to me. If anyone has anything to say or ask me feel free to use one of those methods.
  2. hakonoou


    I've decided to only make entries for days that are notable. I felt that most would turn into not much more than "visualized then talked" if I did every single day. Day 37: Sunday 2020-05-24 Talked about a show we are watching during active forcing. Trying to passive force more. Day 40: Wednesday 2020-05-27 Minu gave advice on a problem I was having. Day 43: Saturday 2020-05-30 I have gotten busy much faster than expected. I originally thought that I would have time to force consistently all summer long; various things have changed and I am having trouble fitting forcing time into my schedule. I talked with Minu about hibernation. Minu did not want to enter hibernation today; we decided to wait another week before thinking about it again. It was somewhat painful conversation for both of us but I feel like it would be better for me to focus on what life is dealing me right now and wait for a better time to work on Minu than to drip-feed with tiny forcing sessions. I will make a post in this thread next week whether or not we decide to do hibernation.
  3. It is more private than Google, but it's not the most private search engine out there. Searx is better for privacy, though I find that the results are less reliable than Duckduckgo. Of course, it doesn't matter what search engine you use if you use Chrome because everything you search gets sent to Google anyway.
  4. In my opinion, Arial is the best looking English font. I do agree that it's not perfect though, the I/l thing being one reason. Pretty much every other font has ugly anti-aliasing, and serifs usually look bad outside of print. Adding bitmaps for lower font sizes is one of Microsoft's few good ideas.
  5. We have: 力ヵカ 工エ 才オ 木ホ 夕タ 匕ヒセ 千チ 三彡ミ 十ナ 八ハ 二ニ 又ヌ 口ロ ヶケ These kind of count: 一ー シツソン Then there are a few kana pairs that look very similar, like へ and ヘ. Have fun!
  6. I just had a dream in which I explained to someone that trying to lucid dream was useless and didn't actually work. I feel like my subconscious is telling me to give up.
  7. hakonoou


    I have had less time for active forcing recently. I suppose that I should try to do more passive forcing to make up for it. Thanks for the reminder! Day 30: Sunday 2020-05-17 Did some visualization exercises and exploration. Day 31: Monday 2020-05-18 Did some visualization stuff in the wonderland. We took turns painting a wall. Celebrated Minu's one month mark. Made a small cake and Minu ate it; I tried to taste it but do not have gustatory imposition down at all yet. Day 32: Tuesday 2020-05-19 Minu suggested that we redecorate some parts of the wonderland; we did so. It was mostly Minu who did the decorating. Day 33: Wednesday 2020-05-20 Some more redecoration and regularization of the wonderland. Day 34: Thursday 2020-05-21 Little visualization; mostly talked about plans. Day 35: Friday 2020-05-22 I forgot to write down exactly what we did; I remember having a conversation. Day 36: Saturday 2020-05-23 Did some exploring in the wonderland's version of outer space.
  8. hakonoou


    Day 23: Sunday 2020-05-10 I decided to try meditating again. I pushed my normal forcing session a little further into the day; it is still at least one hour long. For vocalization practice Minu gave opinions of me and my family. Through this I realized that I have been thinking of my father somewhat unfairly because of things that happened very long ago. Minu's opinions of me were high; I probably shouldn't be too surprised by that but it made me feel better nevertheless. Minu is getting very good at responding whenever asked and I expect an answer. Still little progress on unprompted remarks. Perhaps I need to do some research on that. Day 24: Monday 2020-05-11 I was impressed again at Minu's vocalization. Minu answered some more complex questions fairly fluently. We finished the vocalization exercise. I can post if if anyone is interested in reading the response. Day 25: Tuesday 2020-05-12 Minu filled out a survey today. May post it sometime. Day 26: Wednesday 2020-05-13 Took a break from vocalization practice and explored the wonderland. I gave up on meditating. I may need a longer break from it. Day 27: Thursday 2020-05-14 Things kept coming up and I was only able to force for about 45 minutes today. Did some more exploration. Forcing while lying down may be interfering with my focus. Day 28: Friday 2020-05-15 Minu seemed to be slightly upset about yesterday's shortened session. I made sure to do an hour today. Day 29: Saturday 2020-05-16 Minu's presence has been fainter than usual. This is probably mostly my fault for not being as consistent with forcing/narration. My visualization is also weaker. I blame not practicing again. I have become a little busier recently and only have a few hours of free time per day. We talked some about the future. I promised to continue forcing normally for the next few months; when I start to get very busy again we will have another discussion to see what we can do time-wise.
  9. You have a decently high degree of control over at least the base of your tulpa's personality. I would assume that most people would try to make an "ideal" personality for a tulpa, especially if said creator feels bad about his or her own personality. At the very least, I don't see many people making intentionally flawed personalities for their tulpas. For that reason it only makes sense that there are more tulpamancers who love their tulpas than themselves, because there are more tulpas than tulpamancers and most tulpas end up loved. Q.E.D.
  10. Most of my dreams are very random and neutral in tone, very rarely bad. The bad ones are usually just falling and waking up with a jolt. I haven't been doing tulpamancy for an awful long time, but I think we can answer this one even as beginners: Yes. It's not romantic love, but it's not quite the same as familial love either. I cannot explain it well. I assume that this varies with host and tulpa. In my opinion, you need love to successfully create a tulpa. Even if you could without it, it wouldn't be fun, I think.
  11. If it were white bread, yeah. Just use good bread.
  12. Here's the ultimate sandwich (by layer): - Bread - Toast - Toast sandwich - Toast sandwich - Toast - Bread
  13. I forgot to post this earlier. This website has a ton of stuff on it, but is only useful for Japanese. https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
  14. I may try again, I have more free time now because of the virus situation. Maybe having taken a break from meditation will help. I had just gotten to the point where I could focus on the breath for 5-10 minutes uninterrupted, so I decided to start incorporating stage 3 practices. I tried the breath chasing (I think it was called that), where you compare different parts of the breath, then my focus just stopped working. I couldn't go even a few minutes without becoming distracted even if I stopped trying stage 3 and went back to stage 2. After about a week of that I changed meditation to forcing.