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  1. Hello everyone. I have autism, professionally diagnosed, and ever since I was three years old, I could go to a different world completely (like a wonderland). It is high functioning autism of course, otherwise I could not talk to you. But, I do feel that I was/I am close to functionally impairing. Why do I think this? Because of what I am about to explain in the next paragraph. It was not something learnt. How could I learn at three years old to do this? My parents never did this. At three years old, I would put loud music and spin around myself. I would never get dizzy. It would allow me to go to a wonderland, except it was like multiple wonderlands. I’ve heard that functionality impaired autistic children often spin around themselves or start hoping around. I am not exactly sure why they do this, so I am going to use an excerpt from an autism blog to illustrate this: Why do many kids with autism . . .Like to spin and jump Shelley: Spinning and jumping are also examples of repetitive motor behaviors. When a child is spinning or jumping he/she is activating the vestibular system. The child may seek vestibular stimulation as a means to elicit “feel good” sensations and/or also to positively affect his/her arousal. Emily: Yes, in other words, many children with autism seek sensory information or experiences from the environment (due to feeling under-stimulated). They may also use spinning and jumping as a way of regulating themselves (i.e.: when they are stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed). Spinning and jumping can help one Source: So, I am of the opinion that my spinning at three years old was related to my autism, now professionally diagnosed. Okay, okay.... let’s go the fun part: Tulpas As someone who is autistic, Tulpas, in my most basic and shallowest of knowledge of the subject, seem to be perfect outlet for me. I often feel lonely, even amongst people, I feel like I really need a friend who understands me. Though my social interaction is impaired, it did come with the pro of having heightened visualization abilities. I can create wonderlands with absolutely zero difficulty, I have been doing seen I was three! But, here is my problem: I am already too much into my own world. Too much obsessed with the fiction and not reality. From what I understand, Tulpas are, for the lack of a better term, training the mind into thinking a fiction is reality. Despite my eccentric spinning, I could distinguish between what was real and wasn’t. My wonderland was never real to me, outside of my spinning. In the spinning it was real and vivid. Last tiny problem, what if Tulpa decides to mess with my wonderland? I would not like that.