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  1. I have spelt Klaus wrong for you this whole time, sorry buddy. (He said "It's alright." ) I've noticed our conversations consist of me asking questions, and you answering. You don't really say whole sentences, just short responses. I hope by talking to you more, you'll speak more 🥰. Today, you decided to by a Wyvern when I visualized you. And to this moment, you still are. This is different from your earlier form, as you had just 4 legs, and no wings. Unless you felt like flying lol. I've ran around today doing alot of random stuff, and I didn't narrarate nearly as much as I should've. I need to practice passively forcing with you more. I have discovered you like hugs, and have hugged you plenty in our wonderland :3.
  2. He's purple, that's all I'm sure of. And thank for the kind compliments! He says "thank you... she's kinda an artist" with a smirk.
  3. Their birthday is 04/29/20 04/30/20: I introduced myself to them today. Told them I wouldn't name them, and they could decide on their own. Weirdly enough, I think the response I got was Clause, and male. Their personality appears to be flipiant and silly. I'll let them take their time to decide though, and take my time in understanding them talking. I'm still unsure what's my mindvoice and what's theirs.. I'm worried I can't hear them well enough to know what they want. So I won't call them anything yet. I'm gonna go back to reading this guide now, with them over my shoulder learning with me. Wish us luck! I've decided to make these journal entries towards you, my Tulpa, in order to help with passive forcing. This way, I can talk to you and we can go over your growth together! I dislike referring to you as they/them, unless that's what you want. But I'll be patient to see what you decide to become. I just don't want to dehumanize you, as your well being is very important to me. Our wonderland, for now, will simply be my room. It's hard to imagine alot of things at once, so I'll stick with something farmilar. I'm going to try and stop doubting what is and is not my own mindvoice, as doubt can be bad for your growth. I do believe in hearing you to some extent, I'm just unsure of how much I'm perceiving as your thoughts. After talking to you again, watching you lay on the floor on your back, roll over, and stretch your neck out on the floor and rest your head, I've figured that your first answer to a question to be your actual answer. Instead of doubting. So hello Clause, it's nice to meet you sir. It's very late, and seems you've stretched out next to me in our mind space. So I'll passively force with you till I fall asleep, since it's nice to have company to fall asleep with. Goodnight bud 😴
  4. As I learn to visualize what they look like, I'm trying to sketch them. I don't know what they want their name to be yet, or their gender. The only thing I've chosen for them is their species. I hope their freedom will help them become something very unique. :3
  5. Hey, names Faith. I just started reading about this today, heard about it from a friend. It's really interesting, and I want to take this journey. I don't know my Tulpas name yet, or much about them, but I can talk to them. I want to let them decide what they are. I think they're a dragon though, would make sense. My favorite creature since I could speak, haha. I can ask them questions, and have small casual conversation. Their opinions are similar to mine, but that will change as they grow?