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  1. @Mirichu Omg thank you for all of your replies, these are really helping me!! As for your last question, I can't feel them too well physically. Like, say I had one standing next to me, i couldn't reach out my hand to touch them. But if I went into the headspace, then I can feel them better? If that helps at all.
  2. So I'm not new to tulpamancy. I have had tulpa ever since I was 6 years old- so approximately 14 years. I've loved and cherished them all this time, and only found out last year what they truly were. Or so I thought. I want to run how my tulpa operate past other people and get their opinions- are they really tulpa? I have been doing research into Daemons, Soulbonders, wonderlands, and many other topics, and it strongly has me rethinking everything. To start off, albeit that I am not new to the concept, I seem to not have much practice. When I read about tulpa, I read about fronting, takin
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