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    Hi I’m Alice! Welcome to my corner of the world. I love to share the experiences I’ve had with my Tulpas & any questions you may have about your own are very welcome! Please remember you are loved & take care of yourself & those you share your mind with! 

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  1. I’m sorry to hear your host is in a dark place right now; I have 3 headmates as well and they take care of my feelings and overall well-being as well when I feel low. Sometimes switch out when I can’t give myself the care I need. I feel we are close in that way as well but I cannot imagine not being able to maintain control. I wish you all the very best 💖
  2. As time goes on recently I feel like it’s becoming more difficult to explain the intimacy with my main Tulpa Eric. I feel connected to him completely now & his memories & feelings are mine. I’m sure everyone else here has experienced the feeling of their tulpa touching them, I get often scared though because these days he feels so real. He’s been around for years so it’s not shocking he’s becoming more lifelike. Does anyone else here have a strong relationship with their Tulpa? Please let me know the things they’ve done to show you they’re real and they care! I’d love to hear others stories!! 💖
  3. I fully agree to this one and so does my main Tulpa, he’s protected me from a lot over the years and I agree it can be like a superpower 💖 lots of love here because my Tulpas & I definitely resonate with this one.
  4. I’m so sorry everyone here understands about bullies but thank you to your Tulpas for sharing such caring memories! Our whole tulpa system believes care for one another is very important & uplifting your host is key in these situations. It’s amazing what Tulpas & hosts can accomplish together, bad or good. I’m sorry for what you have faced. You and your host are so strong!! I know it must be so hard to open up but try to be there the best you can for your host!
  5. They in all honesty don’t have to but I thought I’d write this anyway, my Tulpas usually know who’s awful before I do and will dislike them. I however love everyone. I think it’s so important to have a friend or multiple who have your back when things get difficult. That’s the purpose of a Tulpa, to help & be there for you. I think it definitely makes a bond stronger between host & Tulpa. I’d love to hear any stories where your Tulpa has been there for you or where you have been there for them! Let me know! 💖 God bless & take care of your Tulpas in this difficult time & let them care for you!
  6. Someone who understands exactly what I mean! There have been times where I haven’t consciously chosen moments, more so I feel my Tulpas do, while it can be a bit frightening to end up in a part of the wonderland they seemed to create themselves I try to keep an open mind, switching helps more I feel. Immersions are a bit more difficult personally. I definitely think they can hold old memories too, things that your mind has almost forgotten.
  7. Thank you for asking, both actually. Never in aesthetic style, but his physical appearance and personality will change depending on feelings. I think of it like a chameleon in a way.
  8. • Eric Eric’s behavior to shift from one character to the next causes me some anxiety. I know his reasoning for choosing to be like Tate are pure & protective but mostly when I’m upset. Is this normal behavior? He seems to be the more advanced one of my boys despite Austin being the oldest in age not creation. •Austin Austin has seemingly let Eric take over helping me with self care reminders, his reason for this is unknown... •Alex Alex has become more quiet, I feel like he’s thinking more & he has said he feels neglected... I need to remind myself to spend more time with him but I’m not sure how to make him feel more connected to the other boys.
  9. My wonderland seems a bit lucid dream like with layers as well, I think it’s honestly built on bits of my interests but... it’s very dream like and something I wouldn’t choose myself at times. I totally get that waking up feeling... most times I’m annoyed and want to go back to the perfect world my Tulpas live in. It’s very hard to explain but I understand.
  10. Hi Hi! Alice Here with my Tulpas Eric, Austin & Alex I’ve had for most of my life. I was wondering if it’s possible to actually see your Tulpa?, at a very dark point in my life I saw someone who looked very identical to my Tulpa Eric & I’m not sure if it was really him or not...
  11. My tulpa is half Tate Langdon most of the time so I had to reply to this, I’m not sure if you still have your Tulpa but it’s nice to know I’m not alone here. If you ever need a friend let me know!
  12. Hi there!! My Tulpas call me Alice, for years I thought they were possible spirits, hence my name. It’s lovely to be here and I can’t wait to get to know everyone & their Tulpas! 💖