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  1. Samantha

    Ashley's Lounge

    Well? I’m begging her to, but she’s just smiling sassily at me. There was that one time she called me insane and I was like, “aww, now I finally know what your voice sounds like.” Oh my god, so many cool pictures. ✨🤩✨ I posted mine in my PR. Oh, the first time I saw her in my mind, she looked so cool with her adventurers outfit on. Omg, I want to take her out on halloween... I guess *I’m* dressing like an adventurer then? I influenced *her* positively, so there goes that expectation. Seriously though, she’s always happy, so that makes me happy too. I expect she will continue to be a happy person, so idk, maybe I won’t by as grumpy sometimes too. I loved all these responses, there’s so much to look forward to.
  2. I’m just happy I can see color. @Ashley 3/5 for template choice.
  3. Tytyty ❤️❤️❤️ !!! I still want to do proper ones, but I also have anime to watch. I just started watching The Ancient Magus’s Bride and it’s soooo gooood. What’s your favorite anime? For me, it’s a close tie between a bunch, I liked Railgun @Miri, but it’s not my all time favorite. I was looking for new ones and I saw a recent top 20 and I had only seen *one* on that list... it was #8. How are you so good at this Japan?!?! I’ll just say MHA, I can’t reveal my ultra embarrassing tastes in romance anime at this time. AMB qualifies just barely.
  4. 😭 I wish I wish I wish! But it’s not... 😔 You can see the originals in my PR. It took me literally an hour to ‘fix them’ just so they’re somewhat like Daria and I.
  5. Hello, before you love my picture profile, or Daria’s too much, I will come clean in that I only edited an existing picture. Here are the originals and my “remastered” versions. Yes, the originals are basically thumbnails, I could not find the originals in any larger size, but honestly they’re tons better than any other pictures we could find. Daria’s especially is like, so close. I really should have fixed my jawline... just... it’s okay enough. I spent way too long trying to come up with something, then I spent way too long sight copying, then I spent way too long fixing 112x112 pictures to look like 200x200. How’s Daria? She’s fun to have around. She’s much more involved in things lately, which is good. She’s like a built in second opinion, and she’s *good at it*. She still rarely talks, and if so, one or two words, but that’s fine because I understand her tulpish just fine. She’s well behaved and kind, so that’s great, but not much of a crime fighter. I guess I’ll have to kill villains with that razor sharp jawline. Thanks for reading! ❤️ Daria: Bye! 💜
  6. @Ashley , I very much appreciate your efforts, but I can’t figure that out for the life of me.
  7. That’s not the right kind of attention... I have compromised and basically just remastered my best references so I have something other than my beautiful golden S (tm). I will upload shortly. I still hate them, but they are good enough. ❤️
  8. Yassss I find it funny that Apple products hate me and would autocorrect my name to Samamtha instead of Samantha and I also find it funny that I didn’t notice until it was too late. Steve would be on my hit list if he wasn’t already dead.
  9. I would be soooo thankful... me drawing lately: @SheShe this is where the cool kids hang out. also, thanks for setting the bar impossibly high for profile pictures 😭
  10. I really want to post a meme, but I’m out if energy... I’ll do it anyway
  11. I started doing my picture profile, but it’s awful again. It could take a while.
  12. Oh, a hundred posts, I have one thing to say about that, “skip”. @JGC I’m on Ipad, there is no ctrl key, and undo just took me to a previous page. Life is unfair after all.
  13. I accidentally pressed select all and deleted everything I was writing.
  14. Very cool! Goodbye life, I can’t even keep up with my notifications here. I tried to caption this but it turned into 10mb... Me: Trying to keep up with, also me trying to finish my research paper that’s already overdue.