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  1. A fully imposed tulpa should seem as real as any real person you know. Hope this helps!
  2. If it is a repressed memory your new tulpa may be able to help when it's fully developed but memory loss can also be to do with physical problems with the brain e.g a tumour. But if this was the case the memory loss would be random and not just the memory's of your tulpa.
  3. I know its a little late but I wana put my 2 cents in :) Memory repression usually doesn't happen for no reason. Usually it's because the person feels strongly that they can't cope with the memory and the subconscious puts up a wall however a strong enough tulpa, being linked to the subconscious, can access this ability itself. Freud used dream recall and hypnosis to identify such memories so you could try focusing a few meditation sessions towards recovering it and if you pay more attention to your dreams you may find a clue at to what went on. Good luck!
  4. A little feedback for anyone interested. I tried forcing on kratom. After smoking and swallowing quite a large amount of it the kratom relaxed me slightly. I would have to say that it helped me force a little better however I would deem it a waste of time and money. The next day I had a powerful dream with my tulpa in it but I feel this is completely unrelated. Lucidacid if you see this you were totally right. Weed on the other hand on the first instance seemed pretty helpful. It opened my mind and relaxed me. I had a good experience on it however it made it harder to control the trance and
  5. Sorry dude didn't know the whole sage thing could be done Sorry man I did not mean that I thought typing sage in the subject stopped the thread getting bumped by the system
  6. I suppose its the size and colour but my suggestion doesn't seem to be getting the greatest response :(
  7. Lets face it there are a lot worse threads on this site :)
  8. I voted tulpa and think tulpæ does have a nice ring to it but after reading this it seems pretty clear that tulpas is the correct term to use and its a little silly to use any other term. It would be nice if we could all agree on one term but if people really feel that strongly about it then whatever.
  9. Hey guys, I know I don't post that much but if you are changing the site I do have one little request. Smiley faces! There a little depressing. I mean look at this :) it doesn't quite express the emotion properly. Call me old fashioned but I believe a smiley face should be big and yellow. Thanks ;) Like pacman :)
  10. Lol dr who No it won't affect your tulpa but it will steal a little focus you could be spending on your tulpa
  11. Woo! This is a tough one. I think the issue at hand is how you feeling ATM. Your clearly stressed and you should take a step back, relax, go a walk and clear your head. Everything will work itself out if you just take a little break. Your mind is in a knot and it doesn't help to keep pulling at it so just relax and it will soon loosen to the point that it will easily be undone. P.S - 3 1/2 year old tulpa. That's pretty good.
  12. Lol that's completely true and they weren't even itchy. The next person likes star trek... Maybe
  13. Yea but it's 2 years old The next person can't wait for game of thrones season 3 to come out
  14. Ya got me! The next person will have an arm for a leg and a leg for an arm :)
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