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  1. We have practiced with possession and occasionally forced/narrated to tbn. Yes, we are calling her tbn. We actually made her a nickname, it's TiaBiaNia. We were bored. She was able to answer some questions from a friend, it was more like when you get that feeling of what she wants to say rather than her words. Sadie: I have been making progress, it isn't going as fast as we wanted it too. I think that I should try harder but I don't want to, we've been feeling pretty lazy and tired due to school starting again. We have to get everything fixed up by end of semester. |TW: Mention of holidays,| idk if I should do those or not, but I think I should. Anyways, we really enjoy the holidays and I am so excited for Christmas cookies and then decorating. We have new rainbow Christmas lights up in our room. They smell like cherries and have a warm glow. I just realized I act way younger than my age. I'm-wait if host doesn't say her age for safety then should I- I'm saying not, even though we aren't even the same age or look remotely the same. I mean we look sort of similar. Plans: talking at night before sleep, watching movies together and practicing touch and sight imposition. Possession practice.
  2. Last night Sadie was able to use my . hand, we were watching a tv show, so I had her start to talk while I tried to "zone-out". She then spent around 10 minutes pretending to be in my position, imagining she was breathing, blinking her eyes, etc. She then started to bring her thoughts more to the front, and then I felt a little like I was going back, she was able to curl the hand into a fist and do a peace-sign. It was hard for her, but once we adjusted our mindset of "She shouldn't be able to do this" she had better progress. She will try again tonight when we are making icecream.
  3. She got in, thanks for the help
  4. We haven't been putting any time into "ray" and have instead been focusing on making Sadie stronger, school has been sort of over-powering, but it is no excuse not to keep up with things. I'm tired right now, so Sadie is going to take over for the moment. Sadie: Hello! I haven't been talking here as much, but I am going to try to do what some people do and I talk a lot, I don't totally understand the construct of punctuation so, this will probably be really long. Okay, it actually won't be that long. We haven't been working on Ria as much as we should be, instead we are working on possession. I really want to be able to play Sims on my own, and to type this on my own would be really nice. I have my own Sims character, her name is Sadie Wildhome, like me, and she looks sort of like me. She doesn't have the one green eye and one blue eye, instead she has brown eyes. We should make a wonderland, because I don't like the one we have now. Cat (whatever her made-up name is for here) she can't visualize very well. She wants it to be a spaceship, like out friends, but that doesn't really work for us. I think it's going to look like a "normal" house. I also would like to cook in "real-life" which would be easier if I totally fronted. So I guess I'm in charge of telling people the plan of practicing? Monday: 20 minutes of active forcing, passive force all day (Why is it called forcing? If anything I'm bother Cat around...) We will probably just talk about the day (even though I'm here for all of it...) and then some visualization exercises. possession practice. Tuesday: in person school so imposition and passive forcing when bored and talking to our friend and her tulpa. And maybe some more active forcing at night. possession practice. Wednesday: 20 minute active force, passive force and hopefully possession while cooking, lots of passive but almost active forcing. Thursday: passive forcing for a lot of the day (no school), Probably making me do homework, less than the other days Friday: active force 20 minutes, passive forcing, hopefully playing sims on my own! Saturday: passive forcing and imposition, possession/fronting practice Sunday: active force 20-30 minutes, visualization practicing, This will probably change as I either progress or not (stay the same? degress?). I am going to try to do some possession now.
  5. my friend is trying to create an account, and she doesn't understand what to answer for the "what is this community about" question, it's about tulpas, so she answered that but it didn't work, so if anyone can help please do!
  6. banned for banning me because of your own problems.
  7. I like this point of view because if it was them responding you aren't discouraging them. Thanks for sharing this, it has helped us progress a lot.
  8. That's a lot of forcing, I should probably do more... Good job! I think you guys are making great progress. That is a brilliant way to get her to be more "in the body", we might try out this strategy, if we decide the one we are trying doesn't work for us. You are making very fast progress, which is good. I think it may have something to do with your mindset, highly skeptical people will "block-out" the responses with their skeptical thoughts. Some won't, but I think this is some problems.
  9. banned for talking about people/things I don't know about.
  10. Thanks for the input! we are trying out Ray, but it doesn't seem to be "attaching" to her well enough so we will probably have to try something else.
  11. Nice. "I seem like a 10 year old, but I'm just anxious."
  12. I like those. But I want a t-shirt that say "humanity disappoints me"