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  1. That sounds wonderful! 🙂
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    Disclaimer: I am not trying to offend, simply offer my opinion on hibernation. Also, I am no expert, but my tulpa decided to leave me around after a year because things were too hard. I think hibernation is not the solution. A lot of the time when you get busy is when you need a tulpa most. To comfort and guide you. My biggest regret in my (short) life, was letting my tulpa leave. I didn't understand that she was what I needed more than anything. I didn't realize once they start to talk, you can't do things without them. It's like your best friend, or sibling, leaving. You think you can do it. You think it is for the best, then it makes everything worse. If you are busy, you can ask Minu about what you are doing, or just have Minu talk in the background. Maybe before going to sleep go on a mini adventure, that is what I do when I am busy. I hope this helped.
  3. She didn't understand it until she read the guides, it was just before she even thought she might be interested. But it was also like when you are having a conversation with someone and you realize you are talking about two different things. I don't know what she understood tulpamancy to be, so I can't really say. 😃
  4. Oh no! I am so sorry, I am bad at names... Great tip thank you!
  5. She practiced talking and I typed how she talked. Hu eye! Iy doughn't like writing liike thes. Ituh has lot's ov red leyens. Eye am doing meye best. How r yu? eye am okay. theyee sent upuh another shuttle and it joiyn wif ares and it huh as a ball room and a pool. and more nayture.
  6. I am sorry it didn't go as you hoped. You will get it soon I am sure! Body movement is how Jupiter and I have been communicating along with like instinct. You know how you can get a "gut feeling" it is like that but in my heart. I kind of feel how she feels, but in a second-hand kind of way.
  7. I have a friend who practices tulpamancy, but I explained it terribly and she (somehow) didn't understand that a tulpa was basically another voice in your head... I find your PR very inspiring. Everyone gives such great advice.
  8. I get lots of mosquito bites too... here are some ideas what to narrate about: hobbies likes pet-peeves wishes plans for the future. memories photosynthesis dreams airplanes cars I hope this gives you some things to talk about. 😃
  9. I visualize things very well and in great detail if i'm focused. I think that helps a lot. Thank you for following this thread :))) I struggle with visualization, so I am working on it lots. And your welcome!! 😃
  10. I would like to head about your experience. It sounds like you are making great progress.
  11. So it has been around a week. She hasn't been very vocal, but she is able to move on her own in the wonderland. I am on the younger side of tulpamancing, so we do still live with our parents. They are planning a road trip, I hope she will enjoy it, she seems quite excited. I have noticed that she has "two personalities". One is really childish and sweet and quiet, the reason we are watching my little pony and she wants more stuffed animals. The other one is more dark, goth and quiet. So they have some similarities, but they almost look different and have different ages. Does anyone have any tips to just... help? I think that if I keep working on her and talking to her, it will help them mold together. We are currently watching my little pony on the computer in "the real world" and we watched her favorite movie, basic friends, it isn't real. Visualization is going well. I can see her very well. She has a spot next to me when I work and she likes to look over my shoulder at the screen Any tips would be appreaciated.
  12. It is amazing that you can switch! Would it be alright if I asked a few questions? What is it like "hearing" Flora? Do you have any tips for a beginner? Thank you and best of luck.
  13. That resource seems ti be good, we will try it soon!
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    I really like how you formatted this. It sounds like you are working very hard!! Great job
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    Living with L

    That is very interesting!! I feel like I am benefiting from reading this.