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  1. Uh, ok. I am confused. But anyways, hello!
  2. I think that this is an absolutely brilliant idea. When I am ready I may try something similar. Thanks for your feed back, I will keep it in mind as I continue!
  3. It takes me forever to fall asleep, but when I do I 1, get enough sleep, and 2 can lucid dream. But the lucid part took a lot of practice. I had a very weird dream last night, not lucid, but still funny.
  4. And I don't believe in ghosts. (actually I do)
  5. Sept 15: We did the activity yesterday, she was able to make it to ten sentences.That was our goal, we will likely work on it again tonight, same goal, maybe trying for more complex sentences with less "ums" and reiteration. I think that this activity is helpful for us because it gets Sadie talking and keeping a conversation alive. Sometimes she struggles with it, as in she might go silent for a minute to reorganize her thoughts or she might accidentally end a conversation. The only reason ending a conversation is a problem is that if we were to successfully switch someday, I would hope she could continue conversations with others. I also hope she will be able to possess my voice someday, one of the tulpas who is "in her" could possess my voice. She had a very British accent, and I can't do a British accent for the life of me. Today Sadie chatted with one of her friends a little, but not as much as she would have liked to. I think that it's good for her to talk to others, but also to not be dependent on them. She should be able to find dependency in herself, otherwise she won't be strong enough to survive our growing system. To work on strength, I ask her to surprise me and I ask her random questions. Today I really had to fight the urge to start another tulpa, lots of people are probably going to be like "you can't just create a . tulpa out of the blue!" or "you shouldn't work on two at once" and while I agree with the latter, I really just get impulses and I just have to wait for them to go away, or come up with something to satisfy me for the time being. I might wake one of the others up, but I am not exactly sure if I am ready. Of course I could technically put them back into short-term-stasis for a little bit, but I don't want to have to do that right away.
  6. I am in online school, it is quite boring at the moment, but it's better than nothing.
  7. Thank you for your feedback and sharing a bit about yourselves.
  8. I've been better. I am listening to sad music that I used to listen to.
  9. Sept 14: Sadie has been around for a week, but since she is a merge, she has technically been around since late June. Lately I have been experiencing a lot of doubt about wether or not it's actually her talking. I do my best to remind myself that I would not be the one who is getting all excited for math, or craving a pistachio cinnamon roll. She also has an account here, she is SadieShores. She talks here pretty frequently, but she says things short and sweet. Tonight I plan on doing an activity I had done with my past two tulpas. I start by saying a sentence, they have to respond with two sentences, I respond with three, they respond with four, etc. Until it's too much, then we take a break and continue the next day. Then we try to go farther until she can rant. Today she was able to help me with a math problem. I think that's a good sign because she understood something I didn't. But something else I noticed is that she isn't feeling as separate as I feel like she should be. One of my past tulpas were more connected to me, and the other was more separate, are you more or less separate from your host? Why? I feel like Sadie shouldn't be this connected to me, but I don't know. This makes me doubt a lot. Sadie seems to be shy, like baking, and not like lots of stimulation. She has been dealing with feeling "less merged."
  10. I have tried to keep a progress report many times. (in reality, 2) Both times it was helpful, but I got busy and stopped doing it. I decided this time it will be different, I think it will be just short little tid0bits to keep us motivated. Rules for myself: 1. Write here at least once a week, more frequently if you can. 2. Make goals that are realistic, but I still need to work for. 3. Listen to other's advice, and see if it works for me. It doesn't have to work for me, but I should still try it. 4. Be honest, but not harsh to anybody, including yourself. This PR is starting out with Sadie as my main focus, but as there are more tulpas I will figure out how I want to do them. (Maybe another PR or maybe they will be on this one, I don't know yet.) If you have any feedback/questions we would love to hear them. But please be kind and gentle, we might not always use scientific terms, we might not always do the most common thing, and that is ok. This is our place to share our progress and quick questions. It doesn't need to be perfect.
  11. I know this thread is kind of dead, but I have a question for y'all. How much time did you have in-between each other? Let's say that uh tulpa a was started on July 15 and became vocal around July 30, would you start a tulpa in between, a month after, a year after (this is imaging you only have one tulpa, I know you don't and I know everybody has their own views!) I would love to hear your personal opinions and what you actually did. Thanks for any of your responses.
  12. Ah yes that's what it is like where we am too. But I guess that makes good maple syrup (I actually know nothing nothing about syrup, but I think that's true.)