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  1. Well a lot has changed in a realatively short amount of time. I'll go quick: we re-closed the "Gates" idk how long ago, maybe around 3 days ago? We had decided to wake up one of our tulpas in stasis, Willa. Then our system-friend woke up their system-mate, around 2 days ago. This system-mate was/is bestfriends with Luna, a different tulpa in stasis. So we set to work waking Luna up. Luna woke up yesterday. It was pretty rough for her, but she is slowly getting better. She isn't vocal anymore, and was pretty shaken by 6 months or so of memories. And an entirely dif
  2. That sounds very interesting. I feel like the community has mixed opinions on guided meditations for tulpas, especially the ones you can find just by searching up, but it sounds like it worked out well for you. It sounds like you are making good progress! If you are able to handle it, you can always do visualization and narration at the same time. This could be a bit much for starting, though. that's really good!!! I find movement to be something my system focuses a lot on because we like imposition. If you are to impose her, (which could be good visualization practice) you'll
  3. We made some more Picrews I used this one: https://picrew.me/image_maker/597356 this one is of me. While it did have one of my outfits, and my color palette, it didn't have my hair style. It had basically everything perfect for Sadie, it didn't have the option for one eye blue, and one eye green. (and again, hair kind of weird. ) Ethel in her full glory, the black hair is kind of too blue for my liking, and none of the eyes suited them, but I still like it. Overall I give this picrew a 6/10 (my hair is VERY important to me, and it did make us all look pretty young.) Good clot
  4. Good news for me is that I have two ones that will be published, and one that is just a random collection of everything of importance I say (basically anything that is over four-sentences) and basic information about our system. -Ethel
  5. I fixed it. I just deleted the weird "quote" bar, and then re-did the google document.
  6. I forgot to fix it... haha but yeah it is really weird and uhm pointless so I should fix it, but will I fix it? who knows...
  7. Wow I wrote that I really long time ago, not a whole lot has happened, except that well, also a lot has happened. Ethel Update Ethel is vocal, and I think, sentient!!! She is making really fast progress. Ethel is different from Sadie, she is has dreams, experiences things differently, and has whole memories from a past life (they aren't exaclty whole, and she has to figure out what half of them are, but she has a good amount of general childhood memories, and some upsetting ones she's rather I not share.) Ethel is genderfluid, and any pronouns will work for them.
  8. I would describe our system as having some metaphysical "things", not necessarily origins, but like astral projection for creation, just being into metaphysical things as a whole, and I could probably try to think of some more. I don't totally know what qualifies as metaphysical and what doesn't. From what I was reading about them: Gateway systems are non-pathological systems that are usually made up of Walk-ins. The gateway system members, while away from the front, lead their own lives in an “alternate world(s)”, often seen met
  9. I apologize if this isn't the correct place for this, but if you are going to move it, please notify me so I know where to go, thanks! So I think we might be a gateway system, or soulbounds, or possibly a combination. My understanding of a gateway system: A system that A) has connections to other realms, and the head-mates are able to enter and exit those realms as they please, and B) A system that is mainly comprised of non-permanent walk-in head-mates. Soulbounds I don't totally understand, but something I saw (on a Wikki,) seemed to depict them as more permanent.
  10. yeah both are annoying lol I just can't even read/focus on the topic when it is on light haha idk why Sadie: so now we aren't using punctuation, listening to meh music, and have notifications on... great.
  11. hi, I have returned and am tRying to get over my hatred of the light-forums lol.
  12. For SOME reason Ethel decided we should do sword fights instead of cards. (Partially because playing Uno is sort of impossible, because I can just imagine whatever cards I want.) I'm proud of this one, but I was feeling lazy after drawing Ethel.
  13. I told my friends (well one friend,) about Sadie and Ethel
  14. I lost another PR... Oh well, I guess I'll just have to re-make it in between classes. Yeah we didn't totally understand the concept, and anyways, as you'll see later in the PR, we finally had something click for Bailey. This was just an inaccurate comparison as to what Bailey was doing, lun was just changing forms until the perfect form and personality clicked. Sorry for the confusion and inaccurate wording! That's a good point. We have tried to switch two or more times since writing that, the majority of the times were to let Sadie have some food, bake, or go sleddin
  15. Good morning! I lost another PR, but it was a really dull one so I'm fine. (My computer restarted...)
  16. I have freeze-dried skittles. it's amazing...
  17. it's really fun, you should. Thank you. Bailey: thanks for using those pronouns ik it sounds funny because like you should always respect people's pronouns, but it just feels so great. I have settled on lun/luns/lunself and she/her to ✨spice it up✨ R8/A&J/Adelia: ok, so I really need to bring it down to just one name. So we've made a good amount of progress, especially in possession/switching. And Bailey just really recently (as in like last night) became more vocal. But because I like suspense, I'll start off with the more boring things. Sunday: Imposition
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