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  1. Update: Currently I have around 25 pages of written content for the book. Of which pertains to chapters 2, 3 and 4 and the teaser is the prologue to Chapter 1. However, in it's current state the book is very early rough draft. Please reply if you have any suggestions regarding ideas I should consider for the book. I am also open to any feedback in regards to the books prologue.
  2. I'll post updates later on once the novel gets substantial progress. An early draft for the prologue of the story. Edit link sharing has been enabled. I apologise for the technical difficulties involving the link not working. I edited the link to be able to be viewed.
  3. This is my first post as a registered user. To get to the point, I am currently writing a novel which involves a Tulpa as one of the main characters. The current story idea I have convinced goes as follows: To cut a long story short, the novel will follow the story of an imagnative young man who is reunited with his long forgotten imaginary friend. The circumstances of which involves reading a strange storybook that transports the reader into a fantastical land. One of which the reader may never want to leave. The story will develop the special friendship of these two characters hold.
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