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  1. Awesome! Thank you for the shared experience, it helps! My tulpa isn't vocal yet but I am getting head pressures a lot, particularly while doing this over time. I do active force as well it just has to wait until after work, but I will continue ramping up this approach as well whenever I am able.
  2. I have read and reread many guides, been exploring the Q&A even from the posts started back in 2012 and haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer to the topic of passive personality forcing via narration. I work A LOT and so I have integrated passive forcing into my everyday. I'm trying to do visualization and personality simultaneously, and visualization is going great, even at work. However, I also started carrying a list of personality traits with me to passively work on, (narrate to my tulpa), until I force with them after work. Is this a thing or have I been wasting my time?
  3. Update: Everyone I've asked, (I work healthcare), says it was a lucid dream, so, cool! Helped visualisation acuity like gangbusters, I am picturing her easier and better since this. Will pursue.
  4. Some strange happenings have happened. Last night I was doing internet things for like 10 hours because you know, no life and all that. Anyway, I stumbled upon isochronic tones and tried a couple. Eventually I decided to sleep before work around 7 am today only instead of going to sleep I like went into the deepest meditation ever. I know I was still conscious because i could feel myself trying to blink even though my eyes were closed and I was doing it on command. The next strange part to this is that I wasn't in my wonderland. By that I mean I was in a completely new place I didn't know existed. (My wonderland is a beach and I was in a house, to give a little more perspective) Visualisation was perfect, no fuzziness like usual or hard concentration necessary. My tulpa was there, again perfect clarity. I could even move her and things effortlessly and she stayed in perfect visual clarity. If it helps sort things out I was also aware that I was IRL able to move, (turn my head, roll over, etc) and when I did it changed my perspective. Like when I turned my head I looked in that direction around the room. I was also aware that IRL I was profusely sweating. My alarm went off at 11 and I was pulled out of it. Any ideas of what this all was?
  5. My tulpa now has a form, she is female and beautiful. I can tell I will have to get used to visualizing her form but for about 20 minutes she was sitting with me in the wonderland before reverting back to the orb. No voice yet but who cares? I am excited
  6. After like a week the "alien feelings" are gone and I am still working on personality, progress is slow I think because I have so many traits that I am applying. Most of the guides I have read say it doesn't matter how many, but there is a lot of them. I chose specific ones as a sort of "core" and then some synonyms of each of those that are a little more flexible with meaning to give a sort of depth. For example: Happy, cheerful and joyful are similar but not quite the same. It will take time but I like how it feels to do it this way.
  7. I've been forcing every day, and I can visualize with a bit more clarity now. I've taken to using a sleep mask to prevent any light from interrupting forcing, (from headlights on passing cars outside my house and the like), my companion still has no form and is not vocal, but the "alien feelings" have kept up; sometimes while narrating, sometimes not. Headaches are kind of an afterthought now, kinda like because I expect them, they are less intense. I have also noticed that even at work, narrating is getting generally easier. Like, I get there, hit autopilot and just focus on my tulpa for a few hours. Gonna get back to it.
  8. Just because lolz
  9. I'll try that tonight, initially I thought it might be because I'm forcing in the wonderland; like if I tried without the wonderland it might make things generally easier, headaches and all, but when I tried without the wonderland I found it difficult to focus at all. It's good to know headaches are normal, though, not just me.
  10. I'll definitely do some digging!
  11. Well here we are at the beginning, my first tulpa. I have decided to take a more hands-off approach to my tulpa, letting my companion take whatever form they wish, I haven't decided a gender or even a name, rather I will let my tulpa decide that. As for progress, I have been picturing my companion as a white orb and started assigning personality traits to the orb. I have also begun constructing a wonderland around the orb. Narration is going well and I'm getting used to forcing, I have noticed that I occasionally get these kind of, I guess I can call them "ghost emotions", as I force or while narrating while going about my day. For example: A sort of "happy" feeling when sharing a memory while forcing, I also got a kind of "nervous" feeling when I left to go to work the other day. I understand it could have been me, but it doesn't feel like it. I've also noticed that forcing for a long time gives me a headache. Is this normal? I realize that I still have a long way to go, but I am pleased that I can consistently picture the orb and the beginnings of my wonderland.
  12. Hello, I'm Slappy. I have just started to work on creating my first tulpa. I've been thinking at length about this commitment for about two years now and I'm glad I have decided to pursue this further and am excited to see how my tulpa will turn out. I also must say that this site is both informative and wildly entertaining.