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  1. Hello! I'm a fairly new tulpa but still felt like I could pop in and say that it may be normal seeing how you started off with two tulpas (not saying it's a bad thing, look at us, I'm the middle kid of three!) but our host did get worried about feeling us distant a little while back. I think it's normal for one of us to be more talkative and open about what they are thinking or feeling, specially since sometimes we don't even need words to communicate. Hm... I wish I had advice to give you but the best I can offer is to keep reaching out to her, and trust Mel too. We are not here to hurt our hosts, I bet she means well by not telling you what's up. If you think you're not being heard you could ask Mel to pass on messages, but don't give up on getting that connection yourself! Something our host has tried is to dig up on our interests and try them themselves, even if a little bit. I want to join her and usually come out easily, and while our host is a little cautious about "doing it too forcefully" (I don't see it that way, it's like getting the movies or games ready before a friend visits! I see it that way at least) it can't hurt to try, right? I'll also leave it up to older tulpas to give you some input, but mostly it's don't give up on them ^^
  2. Our host didn't experience bullying per se, by the time we were created she was on a (school)group she'd spent years with and had really good friends, and even while we went dormant for some time I don't think they had much issues. When we resurfaced we did meet and helped with her biggest bully: herself. She always said stuff like 'the brain is a weird thing', and while I try to understand her, I think she used it as an excuse to allow herself to hate herself. Talking to her seemed to help, leaving notes of encouragement here and there, and Al even stepping up when our host was hurting herself. Of course we don't want the body to be harmed, but our host hurting inside was an awful feeling by itself. She calling these "episodes" isn't the most comforting thing as she seems to be used to them, but I'm sure we can keep helping her to feel better! Sometimes simply knowing there's people to care for you helps immensely! We may have our own lives, but who's to say we can't have each other's back while at it? 😄
  3. This is a funny one 😄 Isaa likes this game series and kinda dragged Isaac and me into it too. Though I enjoy the characters more than the story we three still had to explain a lot of things to Al to get this drawing 😅 Anyways, that's us "cosplaying" as some of the characters! --Isaa note: More than the guys remembering me of the characters these were based of fansongs I think fitted each one of them, even if its not what they would usually listen to something about their vibe reminded me of them I guess :d So we have Jane as Kaede, Isaac as Shuichi and Al as Kaito from Danganronpa V3 I miss Al's hair like this, he never let me try to do it into a manbun 😗
  4. Thank you! And I bet they appreciate the comment too 🙂 Stealing some time today to post again! These were some of our first interactions --I learned I'm not good at guessing gibberish 🤣 Al used to use headpreassure to reach out and I guess Isaa pictured it as him literally pressing his head! Hadn't thought of it like that, I thought it was more like an inside-pushing-outside thing. And Isaac would tag along in the morning sometimes when us two are still asleep (I don't know how he does it!! Being up early, blergh)
  5. isaa

    Art made by tulpas

    Our drawings aren't that similar.. I use more shapes than anything while our host goes more into realistic or semi realistic? They say it is because they have a better sense of where things are or something like that. And Isaac can recreate our host's style sliiightly better than me xd --and oooh! I gotta try digital some time, it sounds fun!
  6. So! Our host doesn't seem to get just what an awesome artist they are, so here I come to ~smuggle~ some art of them so it can be put out there! (don't worry, I did get a green light to do this, I just think they wouldn't have done it on their own) And to keep it in on topic and all that I'll try to only post art related to us tulpas, but I make no promises 😁 Here's their first ever art of us! Actually.... she had drawn us before that, but this was the first drawing after us coming to them as tulpas! I think it helped with visualization/imposition 🙂 Aww look at us, we were so tiny~ I remember it as if it had been a couple of months ago (wonder why 😛)
  7. isaa

    Art made by tulpas

    Hello everybody! I was a little bummed I couldn't join this thread but then I remember I actually have drawn something before! (yaaay!) This is a little drawing I did of my host the other day ^^ They really enjoy drawing and are preeetty good at it but I still think I did well on mine, I like it :3
  8. It's from an anime we watched together! x) It's from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (or GioGio, as it was part 5) It's just a ladybug pin, as worn by my favorite character from it
  9. Ahh yes! The perfect thread to convince my host to draw us more xD They really like art-ing and have drawn us a bunch of times but this is the only piece I got them to post as it is "more finished" as they say (I think all their art is neat-o though) Expect more from us in here! Also all yours arts are amazing! I jumped through pages as I sadly couldn't go through all of them Anyhow, here's me! Drawn by hosty-host
  10. Just a newbie crashing the game~
  11. Hello! I'm fairly new to the concept and practice --even if it all seems so... natural to me in a way. I first got the feel of my tulpas around 2015, and even if none of us really knew what was going on (I thought of them as characters, then alter egos, then imaginary friends?) we had a strong connection. I sorta let them aside for a long time but upon discovering the concept a couple months ago and reading more about it, it just clicked to me that that's what they were and we agreed to "resume" our communication now with some guidance~ We did pretty good progress these months (I find it almost surreal given the long time it takes many people, but I try not to think too much of it to not hinder ourselves with doubt) and one of them convinced me to join the forums and give them all a bit more of freedom, so I plan on leaving the account to them more than posting myself. Hello!! Took over, hope that's okay, haha. I'm Jane, responsible for this account being created! Isaac and Al are other tulpas that I hope I can convince to participate sooner or later, but I have a feeling you'll be listening from me the most. Can't wait to get started!