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  1. The original title of this post was "What does it feel like to be switched out?" -Ranger I'm new to this, and curious what that's like. I asked one person, but was advised to ask here publicly on the forums to get more input.
  2. I can't help you if I don't know what the problem is. It works when done right, I've explained how, and why the problem you said you're having doesn't happen when done right Oh, alright. Thanks
  3. I really don't get what you mean. I've explained how this works, I'm not sure how much more you don't understand.
  4. Because our brains want to have a dominant side. This is part of how our depth perception works, two slightly different angles of the same 3D image revealing distance. Kinda like trigonometry. Some brains don't care though, and just kinda do whatever. You could try focusing first, and then aligning the hole over the object.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean. Your opening will naturally align with your dominant eye because of the way our brains work. If it's not doing that, and you're absolutely sure you're doing it completely right, it probably means you're "ambidextrous" with your eyes.
  6. Make sure the opening is really small, just a tiny little hole you can barely see through. Don't think about where your hands are too much @aubreyshield to make sure it's not buried
  7. Do the triangle thing Make a small opening with your hands and focus on an object far away Close an eye, if your vision gets blocked, the closed eye is dominant, if your vision isn't blocked, the open eye is dominant
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