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    I was an active member in 2012-2014 as a teenager and made MANY tulpas. I’ve reabsorbed them to some degree, but I can still feel them in my mind occasionally. We’ve been through hell over the years, but from what I can sense we are comfortable with how things turned out nowadays. My full story is in one of my forum threads and I recommend a quick skim of it. I’m making a new tulpa with a more mature mindset as an adult. Ask me anything.

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  1. Would you care to explain more about your daydream world, like when and how you created it? Is it like a paracosm of sorts? I am always fascinated by the abilities of that grey lump of fat and electricity in our heads. If not, that’s cool too obviously.
  2. I took shrooms, but my friend did 5 hits of acid once. It was lit. And so was he.
  3. I couldn’t remember much about many of the old members after all the years, but after just reading your post in the PR board....holy shit that rang a lot of bells. Good to see you again, Fennec.
  4. fourfiction here. I thought I posted this as a guest because I got locked out of my new account, but I guess not. I remember you. I basically lived off of the forums back then, but don’t remember much.......then reading about Link rang a hella bell. Kayleigh sounded familiar too. I was 17 back in the 2012 days of tulpa.info as well (Birthday’s also in summer lol August), and didn’t know you went through that stuff. I vaguely remember hearing about Link going through some pretty big issues 2 or 3 times but that must have been around when I left the community because I didn’t know ab
  5. I’ve noticed that for me personally, a lot of the tulpa experience is subjective and entirely different for everyone - and I find myself sometimes jealous or trying to have similar experiences as other members as apposed to having my own experiences independent of the community. It was mainly a problem when I was an impressionable teenager, though, not so much nowadays. Definitely something to consider though: the experience vs the community and their effects on an individual.
  6. raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, to name a few. And painting. Favorite genre of music?
  7. Traps, defenses, and such were the main focus. Always used defense preemptively and had offensive techniques as a last resort. Light sigil work for sure, as well as designating living places as protected. The spiritual combat was real time and I guess you could say it is similar to really advanced psionics with ‘energy’ blasts and shit (Enargee mannnn). We would use energy similar to our soul’s energy to conjure weapons that would hurt spirits basically - in fact we trained by using them on each other and you could feel a slight sting or burn if you got hit by one. Think of it like Witchcraft
  8. Breloomancer: what part do you want to know about lol it was two years of shit. They taught me what I would liken to a tai-chi energy control meditation where you direct your body’s ‘chi’ during meditation to different parts of the body for different reasons. Helps with visualization and focus of the will. The fighting ghosts thing was like some spiritual combat shit we used to drive off or straight up dismember the common malevolent spirit that fucked with us either at home or out and about - an example being when I ‘fucked up’ with cleansing an establishment of poltergeists and w
  9. Mine were female, as I cuddled my tulpas regularly. Being straight and male it just fit for me.
  10. I usually would set aside an hour or so to force, and would meditate as deeply as I could to calm my mind for focusing. Usually took me about 15-20 minutes to get into a good mind state and I would listen to a music mix I made of ambient music and rainfall that was exactly an hour long - with an audio cue in the last 15 minutes so when the cue came I would wrap things up and gently bring myself back.
  11. All of mine ended up horny as all hell for some reason. It can happen lol
  12. Apollo put it perfectly: tulpas change and grow, sometimes into personalities that are new and foreign to the host’s intent. Just like children grow and develop their own personalities with age, I guess. Years ago, Claire went through a similar rough patch with depression and anxiety as she developed. It was completely unexpected and I had absolutely no idea how to help her at the time, but we worked through it. It takes love and care just as flesh and blood people do as well, sometimes even more so.
  13. One, right under my goatee and it’s annoying lol how did you hear about tulpas and/or the forums here?
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