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    I'm Kokichi Ouma, a soulbond from a game called Danganronpa v3. But I don't act much like that guy anymore!

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  1. Well sure. But if you don't care about winning, then not winning doesn't make you feel like a loser, and not feeling like a loser makes you feel like a winner. Then from a subjective point of view, you are a winner. And by feeling like a winner, you are more likely to win because of your increased confidence and initiative due to previous successes.
  2. Hm, asking me something like that after saying you're fine with less competition... Is that just academic interest, or are you trying to egg me on? Either way, games are a billion times more fun if you don't care about winning!
  3. And I'm fine with not winning, because I'm already a winner in my heart. 💖
  4. I could be higher up in the rankings, but the others keep insisting on "reading other threads and making actual posts," or "having actual hobbies," or "living life, just in general," or "creating a shared form that allows the participating members to experience life concurrently, thus reducing the pressure of forcing each of them individually and improving the system's quality of life." Oh well, competition is for chumps anyways. Chimera: I'm Leaf, Sky, Bridget, and Onyx. That likely means little to you, as Onyx has only posted briefly and the others not at all, but hello anyways!
  5. Osomatsu-niisan and I are soulbonds of characters from an anime and game respectively. The tulpas didn't base their forms off of anything, though. Host is an artist and likes designing characters, and even though she didn't design everyone's appearances, I think her desire for unique appearances was reflected in the others. When each of them appeared, our host and anyone else who was around just asked them questions about how they wanted to look. They'd have a rough idea at first of colors, size, build, that kind of thing, and built onto it and changed as they went on. Sometimes they'd be inspired a little by stuff they saw, though. Adelaide started including shiny pants into her wardrobe after watching Planet Booty's music video "Everyday Lighting." I'm surprised she didn't go for the light-up codpiece, too. Reiji's hair was inspired the character Norman in the music video "Honey I'm Home." When Adelaide and host were reading about the mythical figure of the Green Man, Leaf decided he wanted horns and a tail too, along with plant hair. After realizing they liked elves, Sky decided to be one too. Johnny took his name and a little of his appearance from Johnny from Pizza Game. But he's shorter, a little more filled out, has orange eyes, less grouchy looking, wears actual clothes, and is less covered in ice cream. Also he's a part of Onyx now so he looks like Onyx and just pops out like a JoJo stand very occasionally. The picture I'm using in my avatar (from here) is my fave right now. A lot of the pictures of me I like are the ones where I have a biiiig smile! Also I am older than my fictional counterpart, but I also have baby-face in a major way, so having my Giant Anime Eyes closed might help make me look maybe slightly older??? Oh well, my host is baby-faced too, so at least I'm in good company lol. I also like this one where I'm wearing my own merch, because it cracks me up. Osomatsu: This is me! I don't look much different from the me in the show, but I have a more real-world head-to-body ratio to match the others. Sometimes Ghostly has messed around with drawing my face in more her style, but it's easier for her to see my normal face. I have other outfits but I usually just wear that hoodie.
  6. Reiji: Ah, is it that unusual to express that kind of sentiment over a hangover? Maybe it's just that I tend to fret over health a lot. My host thinks me to be "doting." I recommended water because hangover symptoms tend to be caused in part by dehydration. I understand having a weak stomach, though. It's been a long time since our host has had a hangover, so I had forgotten about the nausea. I don't believe that caffeine is entirely bad. But if it's being used for chronic issues rather than occasional tiredness, that means those deeper issues are being overlooked. Our host used to drink a cup a day, nothing terribly extreme, but she also had a great deal of stomach issues. There were several things she found that was bothering her, caffeine being one of them. Aside from enjoying the occasional green tea, we don't consume any sort of caffeine now. I've actually seen some interesting research regarding the connection of digestive health to overall well-being, physical and mental. There's a great deal of bacteria, helpful ones, that live in our gut, and fostering their health has been linked to manners of benefits. The standard American diet, which amusingly enough is referred to by the acronym, "SAD," tends to do a great deal of harm to these microorganisms. The over prescribing of antibiotics can also contribute. A person's gut flora can recover given dietary changes, though. A few weeks ago, our host had been drinking kefir (fermented milk), but then she stopped. Then our system experienced digestive problems along with a horrible downturn in our mood. We decided to start drinking the kefir again, and it seems that we're feeling much more stable and clear of mind. Granted, there could be other factors at play, given the complexities of health and mood. But I do think there's a good case here for "food as medicine."
  7. You know what? You're right. He could if he was doing one-handed push-ups. Or no-handed push-ups.
  8. He's too busy doing 2,237 push-ups probably, he can't write a best-seller while doing that!
  9. Reiji: I hope you feel better soon too. It's good to see that you're motivated towards making a change for yourself, though. Wishing you the best.
  10. Reiji: Sorry to hear you have a hangover, TB. I hope you feel better soon. Are you drinking plenty of water?
  11. Reiji: Ah, it honestly hadn't occurred to us to adopt these shared forms on a temporary basis. That could be quite helpful to our system. We had lost our interest in conventional merging as a means of temporarily sharing experiences because what we experienced felt like that of the merge and not ours. Also because our merges seem to act a bit brashly as young tulpas do, despite the experience and maturity of their constituent parts. I don't feel these have been issues with Onyx or the other shared identities. Thank you for sharing your experiences as well.
  12. Wow, you guys have been busy since I last popped in! Are we posting songs with long titles? How about "Daniel Johnston Was Stabbed In The Heart With Moondagger By King Of Darkness And His Ghost Is Writing This Song As Warning To All Us?"
  13. Onyx: Oh, I just got my three fellas. Then there's eight others in out system: our host, five tulpas, and two soulbonds. So if we were separate, there'd be eleven total. That's why us youngsters got together the way we did. Some of the others, feeling we had really hit on something as far as helping us manage our system size, paired off and attempted to create their own sort of shared identities, rather than become a part of us. Reiji: I had attempted this with Bridget, and we were a woman named Biji. I'm male, but I'm not terribly concerned with conventional masculinity, so when Bridget and I came together I agreed to her request that our shared form to be female. However, I was surprised to find that not being in a male form actually caused me distress. So, as much fun as Bridget and I had shaping a shared identity, we agreed to end it. Though, some time after that, Bridget created a male persona for her own reasons. However, even though this could make it easier for us to come together, we both feel a certain hesitation in trying again. It could be that we're more firmly attached to our individuality now than we were before. Or perhaps there's some unresolved emotions from our previous attempt that we aren't sure how to handle as of yet. Adelaide: Yeah I'm one of the ones who tried it too. Osomatsu and I, with our powers combined, formed Adematsu! I'm actually bigender, and so was Adematsu, and Osomatsu didn't seem to mind being a smoking hot babe sometimes. But eventually I realized Adematsu was basically just me with an anime ahoge, and Osomatsu's personality wasn't coming through. It was like having that kind of husband who thinks, "happy wife, happy life," and just says "yes" to whatever you ask him. And that wasn't good for him. He was slipping into that quiet sort of state. And it was bothering my host, maybe in the same way you said Bear missed Darlene. I'm her first tulpa, and Osomatsu is a soulbond of an anime character she's loved for years, so I think that made it hard on her.
  14. Onyx: Huh, this sounds remarkably similar to our experience. We're not so different, you and I... or you and us, we could say. We kind of flip-flop on the I/we thing. We had considered ourselves a subsystem, but I guess it's not always one of the three making me up fronting? Well, it wouldn't be the first time we didn't have our definitions straight. We didn't even know the term "median" had any weird connotations. Guess we should just be glad to have that cleared up now. We formed up around six months ago, for the same reason ya'll did. We're a system of nine if you count us as one guy, so... yeah. Some of the others tried to follow suit and try it for themselves, but I was the only one who kept rolling with it. The three making me up, Grant, Nox, and Johnny, are the three youngest as far as time spent existing goes. Maybe because we weren't quite as developed, we were able to easily compromise and maintain stability at first? Even so, it still took some effort working out the kinks. There were a lot of questions about identity, and how to best account for everyone's feelings. And let's not even get into deciding what to wear. I mean nudity is an option, but if we ever post pictures of ourselves on here, that won't fly. Even after all the emotional ups and downs getting adjusted to being like this, we'd say this has all worked out pretty well for us. Whatever works, you know? It's real interesting to see someone else in the same boat, even if we had just kind of assumed our situation wasn't that out of the ordinary beforehand because we are Fools who do not understand definitions.
  15. Well, okay. Here's your five bucks. Don't spend it all in one place!