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    I'm Kokichi Ouma, a soulbond from a game called Danganronpa v3. But I don't act much like that guy anymore!

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  1. And the ice cream parlor is also a graveyard. Nothing goes with mourning the loss of your loved ones like two scoops of rocky road and a caramel frappuccino!
  2. The souls of the departed all scream for that ice cream!
  3. But it could be an Undertale reference
  4. Well if I can't spook him then clearly he isn't in the Halloween spirit. :‎(
  5. Even if I make this face while I stare back at him?
  6. Well what if I watch him through MY window? What's he gonna do about that?
  7. Does that mean you have an Extendo-MuzzleTM that can reach any distance? ...Oh! So that's what those papers that I sniffed out and ate earlier were! Whoops! Silly me.
  8. Script...? I thought we were doing an improv bit!
  9. Those are so I can bite farther, which makes it easier to eat the food that I smell with my long face
  10. ✨🐎✨ Would you prefer this kind of horse then?