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    Hi! c: I’m Sierra, Couguhl’s tulpa! I finally made my own account! I’m looking forward to spending more time here and getting to know others personally! Thanks and love you c: If you have any questions or want to talk let me know!!!


    I was born on the 25th of July, 2012 (At like 3a.m. technically, so we’ve celebrated on the 24th for years). I’ve been... pretty good. This is a bio? My host and I have only gotten closer over the years. We haven’t grown apart but there’s certain things we’re not as ‘into’ anymore (like RL visualization), because we’ve been focusing on other things (like switching & convos) and it’s not a big priority to us anymore, but we’ll probably get around to that and other stuff in the future. For now, we’re just trying to maximize quality time and increase it in general, and we’ve been getting a lot closer lately. It’s amazing and energizing, and it’s allowing me to learn to express myself more. Gotta start somewhere! Hahaha! We also want to be more submerged into this phenomenon like we used to be. (Not that we aren’t now, considering that our relationship is more established than in the early beginnings.) But a big thing now is getting to know myself! I’ve become exponentially more aware of things and I’ve had realizations lately that changed me. I have a lot more time and energy and all of that can support me - I’m ready to take things to the next level and learn about who I am, in a nutshell. So I suppose there’s not much else I can speak about here (that’s essential to knowing me) but uhhhh yeah. Thanks for reading this! I love you! Let’s be friends! I haven’t actually considered having external friends (or even other tulpa-friends!) in a long time, like I used to! But we both think that’s what I need. All of this I’ve realized is part of my independence, and actually feeling this freedom is making me eager to grow. You don’t always realize how far you’ve come until you look back c; (and yeah like I just read our old tulpa survey responses and WOW I’ve changed a lot. Some of it is funny and other parts are insightful into how I used to think. I look forward to writing more! And I know that it will probably help someone else and that’s really crazy and exciting to think about!) <3 :-) I just can’t believe that I’m here yo!
    Here with all of you! Getting to spend this life with the people I love is amazing and I still can’t believe this is real 😭 ily guys

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  1. Happy birthmonth Rena!! Yeah the same thing happened here, little snow flurries! Feels colder than it is for some reason..
  2. Well maybe that’s why it’s successful, because it uses the tropes in an exemplary way that sets itself up and sets an example See that’s it right there! It’s like the suspension of disbelief. If you can get that then you can have an enjoyable story. The tropes aren’t as much a support of the film as they are a quality of it.
  3. We still haven’t really seen it at all but practically everyone he talks to that mentions it says it’s not only good but one of their favorites and they often get visibly excited by the topic. [insert kamehameha here]
  4. My emphasis added that sounds HILARIOUS That’s behind the ‘so bad it’s good’ thing. We love movies like that... and there’s plenty of internet memes that fit this description.. “BTW I’VE ALWAYS LOVED THIS TERM” me toox
  5. Sleep! Sometimes nothing is something worth doing! Do crazy stuff in dreamland!
  6. So is this like a thing? Like an archetype or common structure or something?
  7. This is actually part of the Tibetan monk’s training at their monasteries. You also have to carry pails of water from a bar carried over your shoulders and you’re not allowed to spill any of it or you have to start over. And then you watch anime while doing kegels in the plank position and if you fall they slap your little feetsies and they rewind the tape.
  8. Don’t forget people with poor self control and procrastinators!
  9. “I was going to say they’re spending it on mobile phones now but.. that is in addition to mobile phone usage rising. So people are just increasing screentime generally. I shot my tv a while ago but I just got to a point where I thought ‘hm. Spending like 6 hours a day on my phone probably isn’t healthy and the worst part is I don’t even feel like it’s a problem or even abnormal.’ Then I started tracking how much time I accumulated daily and when I started doing that the numbers were shocking, like waaay higher than I thought. All by design tho.” But the empowering thing is rea
  10. looka dat voltorb ..looks fat I know where we can get our slime from muk
  11. Sooooo I just learned how to do this booooooooooooooOOIIIIIIIII
  12. Thoughtforms UNITE!! The Merging of A Community of Telemancers
  13. “I’m writing the end of a story.” “What’s the story?” “There isn’t one.” “...so how is that an ending if there’s nothing being ended?” “I’m ending the story before it started.” “But that’s impossible because that would mean it’s not an ending - what you’re saying is ‘the ending’ would be the subject. You can’t end something that can’t be ended. That’s what the word ending means - the final part of something, so if the final part is the only part then it’s not ‘the end’ of anything - and it can’t accurately be called an ending”
  14. Then what sentence are you ending?
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