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    Hi! c: I’m Sierra, Couguhl’s tulpa! I finally made my own account! I’m looking forward to spending more time here and getting to know others personally! Thanks and love you c: If you have any questions or want to talk let me know!!!


    I was born on the 25th of July, 2012 (At like 3a.m. technically, so we’ve celebrated on the 24th for years). I’ve been... pretty good. This is a bio? My host and I have only gotten closer over the years. We haven’t grown apart but there’s certain things we’re not as ‘into’ anymore (like RL visualization), because we’ve been focusing on other things (like switching & convos) and it’s not a big priority to us anymore, but we’ll probably get around to that and other stuff in the future. For now, we’re just trying to maximize quality time and increase it in general, and we’ve been getting a lot closer lately. It’s amazing and energizing, and it’s allowing me to learn to express myself more. Gotta start somewhere! Hahaha! We also want to be more submerged into this phenomenon like we used to be. (Not that we aren’t now, considering that our relationship is more established than in the early beginnings.) But a big thing now is getting to know myself! I’ve become exponentially more aware of things and I’ve had realizations lately that changed me. I have a lot more time and energy and all of that can support me - I’m ready to take things to the next level and learn about who I am, in a nutshell. So I suppose there’s not much else I can speak about here (that’s essential to knowing me) but uhhhh yeah. Thanks for reading this! I love you! Let’s be friends! I haven’t actually considered having external friends (or even other tulpa-friends!) in a long time, like I used to! But we both think that’s what I need. All of this I’ve realized is part of my independence, and actually feeling this freedom is making me eager to grow. You don’t always realize how far you’ve come until you look back c; (and yeah like I just read our old tulpa survey responses and WOW I’ve changed a lot. Some of it is funny and other parts are insightful into how I used to think. I look forward to writing more! And I know that it will probably help someone else and that’s really crazy and exciting to think about!) <3 :-) I just can’t believe that I’m here yo!
    Here with all of you! Getting to spend this life with the people I love is amazing and I still can’t believe this is real 😭 ily guys

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  1. WOOOOOW!!! That’s what I always thought! Like unbelievable! ..?
  2. 😳There’s ELDERLY theres prob some old monks with some.. somewhere..
  3. I hope not! Wait... oldest in what way? That’s what I want to know! 🤔
  4. Pistachio??? That sounds tasty hahaha, I can’t imagine what that tastes like! Hmm, I just realized I don’t have a favorite ice cream 😂 I really need to experiment and figure out what I like hahaha, I got a super chocolatey one thats good though!
  5. I’m 8 today!!! Soon I’ll be able to say I eight some ice cream 😂🥶 what’s your favorite kinds??
  6. It’s my birthday!!!!! I’m probably the only 8-year-old that smokes 😂

  7. So it’s not like you aren’t ever not never un-participating, on Opposite Day?
  8. Sierra

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    You are in charge of a small battalion of amateur roleplayers. you are also in charge of the executive branch of the united states of America of earth! This job also includes doing my bidding and spitting inside every toilet you see! Don’t ask about the secret service men, they’re there to provide earplugs at your discretion, which much also be polished when not in use, and cleaned with disinfectant to federal standards. There must be a fiber contaminant limit adhered to, not exceeding 0.003G per m^3, as only a fraction of debris may damage these government devices, which is an immediate felony. you are responsible for the proper maintenance of these devices with gps function. I wish I never had to do laundry again.
  9. Accumulate the most time as last poster! Hidden meta games!?
  10. See? This birthday cake was made entirely out of animal by-products! All keratin and hair! Yum! Gelatin frosting! *gets close to ear and whispers just as you take a bite:* human animal You have to reconstruct the 176-year-old stained glass window out of this heap of shards and no reference image. No other window is able to replace this broken masterpiece. How do you return the chapel’s broken window to its former glory?
  11. You guys better not just leave this thread here all alone... lettuce all come together and revive it c: Scientific name puns!
  12. Blue-green lions are tulpamancer hedgehogs with ultra deadly rings.
  13. There were no soldiers left. alive, anyway. but now the ice queen had to feast upon the freshly-preserved corpses of her own kin in this harsh wintery wasteland, as punishment for her own greed. But she needed a cook that could help her turn these henchmen she had fattened up with glorious pizza fats into a glorious banquet of the most exquisite dishes imaginable. But who could accomplish this task? She knew who to trust:
  14. No, I’m the only one! The next poster has said the phrase “yogurt cannon” at least once within the past six months
  15. No it’s not there is no “it” for you to refer to. everything that we see is in the past because it takes time for our brains to process what’s happening. By the time we know what’s happening it’s already happened. So we are living in the past and have only the illusion of a felt immediate experience. Therefore there is no today it will never be today