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  1. Today at work was rough, but in a great way. I recently got transferred from a manufacturing position to office position so I’m learning the ropes of the office stuff. Didn’t get many chances to do passive narration. I’m burned out mentally from this shift but still want to force in a couple hours once my roommate goes to bed. As for a form, at first I was thinking of this: But I heard choosing a form so early might not be entirely fair, so I just made that red orb of light for now. I can ‘feel’ her choosing her own form....I think. If that makes sense. Basically,
  2. Hello all! I am Potato and I’ve been lurking on this site for the past few years every now and then. I’ve decided to make a tulpa after thinking about it for a while and started last night before I went to bed. I created a basic wonderland of a kaleidoscope realm in my mind, as it was easiest to visualize at the time and I wish to build upon it later anyways. Sort of like a whole realm of the Dr. Strange movie’s special effects. It’s pretty as heck. Then I created a basic form to focus on that my tulpa will be for now: a glowing ball of light in a deep, beautiful red color. I narra
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