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  1. Fries are usually fried twice by the time you get them anyway.
  2. I don't have space for a 3d printer, I'm lazy and just pay tp have what little I need printed for me.
  3. I'm a woman actually. But you're right on the not knowing cars. If I worked on one it'd probably blow up, I'd better stick to Retropie where fiddling with technology is concerned. And while I do have all my fingers, I LOVE that video. That dude's brilliant!
  4. I love diy stuff but some stuff I just can't do, like woodworking.
  5. A robot with a liver makes me think of Bender from Futurama. Although he literally just ran on alcohol.
  6. Things like that are why I'm both happy and unhappy to have never studied German in a classroom. It would be so helpful but might turn it into a source of frustration at the same time.
  7. I agree, it's a little dark in here today.
  8. I used to watch dragonball and dragonball z but I don't remember enough for that meme in particular.
  9. Starting is hard, I can vouch for that. And you have a natural bias to practice drawing what you're already good at because making a good drawing feels better than struggle aka practicing what you need to improve upon.
  10. Well nothing THAT crazy has happened, thankfully. And it's calming down again now. I hope you're able to have a positive mental state of your own soon.
  11. Morning everyone. I woke up too early for a day off, closed my eyes briefly, and two full hours had passed. Now I'm going to see if doing a thousand piece puzzle makes for good meditaiton while forcing. Also try to keep Iatsu present because life threw a curve ball lately and I haven't been able to force much.
  12. Idk if this is relevant to the topic anymore but there's some type of vulture that eats bones I believe.
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