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  1. I agree. Which is not to say that it wouldn't be interesting.
  2. Tulpas becoming mainstream would be very odd to me.
  3. I wonder if practicing painting in a lucid dream would make me a better painter or if I'm better using the time just having fun being a Sith/Jedi or something.
  4. I'd have to think harder to come up with a specific question and I'm off to work now, I might have something later on though. Thanks.
  5. Got any particular tips? I've read everything online and whatnot. Keeping a dream journal is something I'd like to do, in addition to a regular journal unless combining them isn't too chaotic.
  6. I wish I could control my dreams. I'd probably base everything around a video game, hang out with Salai and Leonardo from AC2 or something.
  7. That's what I meant, I like ambient noise so long as it's NOT the TV for some reason. Which is a little weird. I don't much like radios either. It's pretty much youtube or ambient noise for me.
  8. Yeah for some reason I hate the TV being on in the background even though I use youtube and music for the very same purpose. It's just TV that I don't like, probably because there's basically nothing on TV that I actually like watching. Or that it actually makes what I'm trying to watch/hear harder to focus on.
  9. A show or even long enough youtube video that you've seen before can be good too, since you're not concentrating actively on it. Or go to ambientmixer and hang in either RIvendell or the Slytherin common room.
  10. I used to use music that wasn't in english to help study and that worked pretty well in if it was something that had a totally alphabet like Japanese. German just led staight to Duolingo because knowing a few words opened up an 'if you give a mouse a cookie' situation.
  11. Because curiosty is a wonderful and terrible thing.
  12. I read something about that. They wanted to make pedestrians getting hit the pedestrian's fault, or something similar.