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  1. Day something Redd has been rapidly switching ages and feeling very sad and unsure of his place. The youngest he was, was around 8 to 10? I've noticed he gets younger when he's feeling stressed out or sad so I can comfort him. We did our meditation, talking about what's been bothering him and pulled out a big staticky ball of anxiety that we dumped in the river. He's feeling a lot better and I assured him that I'll always be there for him, no matter what age he wants to be. We read a post on the subreddit about how you shouldn't start making a tulpa when you're depres
  2. Day... 10? 11? Had a great moment with Redd! I was feeling so stressed out about some stuff I couldn't really do anything about, and we decided to try and meditate on it. I very vividly imagined Redd sitting crossleged in front of me in the mind space, and we had a great conversation dealing with what was stressing me out. We then symbolically got rid of the worries that were bothering me. I instantly felt 100x better, it was incredible. He's surprisingly sweet and understanding, considering how much of an arrogant asshole he pretends to be. This was also the first time I saw him wit
  3. Day 3 Redd: I'm trying out having Cloud type out my thoughts, we read a guide saying that it would help me with vitality. The current setup with me giving head pressure is unsustainable, it causes too much discomfort in Cloud to maintain long conversations. I'll let them finish up the report. So yeah! That's Redd. He's a lot more formal in his writing than when we're chatting. He says he wants people to understand him more clearly. Headaches while talking to him are becoming incredibly uncomfortable, I think I'll be taking a bit of a break tomorrow. We trie
  4. Day 3 (july 11) with Redd, getting very specific head pressure from him. Left means yes, right means no, forehead means maybe/unsure. Back means I don't know. I asked him around noon if he wanted to keep reading tulpa guides with me or watch Netflix, assigned each option to a side of my head and he wanted to watch Netflix! I'm very sure that this is Redd communicating with me, I can't purposefully make myself feel head pressure like he makes, and the consistency with answers appearing soon after I ask a question means that it isn't just random headaches. I'm absol
  5. Day 2, July 10th Second day of forcing with Redd. Mostly passive with about 30-45 minutes of actively reading tulpa guides to him. I can more strongly feel when he's paying attention, now. It's like a big smooth rock in the back of my head, with a little bit of pressure. I can get him to pay attention by thinking his name at him, and especially if I say it out loud. After reading more guides with him I decided to take a break by watching a makeup tutorial on YouTube. Instead of that feeling of pressure fading away like it usually does when I'm not talking to him, it act
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