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    Interests: Ponies, programming, low level hacking (mostly x86 ASM, C#, C++), other things.
  1. For example, what have they done for you that would be otherwise hard to do? For me, mine actually helped me get rid of my OCD. I would have to shower whenever I got home, and I washed my hands every 15 minutes. I had it for a few years, and it would have been near impossible to get rid of without medication had I not found this. I'm also a bit more productive because of her.
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    pretentious pretentious
  3. Is anyone willing to let me give them a brain implant?
  4. I agree. And I have offered Pleeb assistance with making the site not suck. I hope we can have a somewhat presentable site in the near future.
  5. If we could only get on FOX News. People hate Fox so they may actually defend us. Also what Fede said.
  6. Is this something that should be done? Why, why not, how?
  7. Fede already said this. Stop taking his content.
  8. So I had an idea, I may not be the first person to try this, however. Tulpa experimentation. Any currently existing tulpa who can't be experimented on (either because the host/tulpa doesn't want it, or they don't meet the criteria), will be excluded. If a pre-existing tulpa is not available, one will be created for the experiment. I make this topic to ask, what relevant questions need to be answered? I will be doing this myself, however if anyone cares to join me in this venture, that would be good.
  9. No, it isn't. Use mine and Fede's methods if you want the best tuppers around.
  10. I once had a 11 year old try to mug me with an airsoft gun outside my house. He left the orange cap on, I laughed and walked away.