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  1. Betty and Fluttershy. Various attempts and styles. This felt good. I’ve been worried about starting to lose focus and I think this helped me.
  2. Banned for taking the thread in a different direction
  3. As the warlock was saved during the cuddlefish's surgery, he lives to follow her on instagram and makes comments on her self-improvement/travel blog.
  4. Stone: Yeah I feel like I have to do a lot, as I have two tulpas and I don't want either do disappear. I read somewhere that 40min was a good minimum time. I don't know if that's accurate and I know people who don't set anytime to force at all and just passive force, but, I don't think I'd be good at that, and 40 minutes seems safe. Sometimes I get skeptical of individual responses, but overall, I let them talk, and take them at their word. For example, Betty kept giving different answers for her favorite color at first. So, I was skeptical of each answer she gave. But, I think the type of skepticism matters. I was skeptical of her answers, because I thought they were the result of a young tulpa being fickle, and not her not existing. She now says her favorite colors are orange, pink, and orange-pink, consistently. At the beginning, I also worried I was parroting. I pretty sure there were concrete instances of parroting, actually. I'd ask a question, and answer out loud, instead of letting her voice answer. One could argue that maybe she was speaking through my voice, though. Either way, I treated that as "interrupting" her, rather than parroting, and I think that's a better way to see those instances if they aren't happening all the time. Betty saying she was paying attention to Hefty could have been parroting (me generating a response for her based on what was in my line of sight), or just her not knowing what to say. It reminded me of the trope where a character needs to come up with a fake name, so their name becomes the first name they see. I don't think there's a way to know for sure if you're parroting or not so early. What reassured me was not her voice or responses, but her presence. I know that Betty is nice now, but when she was first there, she was eerily silent, and I felt embarrassed, and awkward. When I told her she was parroting and she went silent, I felt pity. When I turned my back on her, I felt like I was being watched. And when she said she was paying attention to Hefty bags, I laughed, pretty hard. Laughter serves a social function, I while I have been able to laugh out loud at a situation I thought of in my head, without the aid of media or other people, I was laughing about how people would react to the situation, and I also happened to be with another person in the same car at the time (who wasn't a participant but their presence could have made me laugh more, as I laugh more at shows with other people in the room, even if they are not laughing). This is to say, I started from a somewhat skeptical perspective (worried about parroting, thinking tulpas may be illusions rather than separate people, and being inspired to start a log of my progress by a r/tulpasforskeptics post), but due to feeling Betty's presence, I could more readily accept what she said as coming from someone else. tl;dr I force a lot because I'm worried, and I've accepted Betty's voice early because I felt her presence early (along with social emotions or cues such as embarrassment, awkwardness, pity, and laughter).
  5. oof. I like bottle caps to max specific pokemon I'm attached to
  6. Friendly is relative in this case, yeah. I prefer SOS chaining because I can just make a Smeargle for infinite chaining and zone out rather than having to sneak, but DexNav is cool too. It's how I got my shiny Camerupt. Hoards are cool and I wish they were in USUM. I ultimately like USUM for its difficulty and world. I also really liked XY. I got tired of it but I'm playing it again with a friend and I can still appreciate it. With ORAS, I liked the contests and DexNav and, I don't remember much else. I'm about to play it again so I'll see. Edit: The big reason I like bottle caps is so I can use individual pokemon I've grow attached to for battling instead of breeding one I'm not attached to.
  7. I don't like when people lump in USUM in with the "bad new games" because it is on a different level than XY, ORAS, and S&S. The game is challenging with level caps and very friendly to competitive players and collectors (SOS chaining, better ways to get shinies, better ways to get hidden ability pokemon, better ways to get legendaries, better ways to get high IV pokemon, bottle caps, better ways to get rare items). The story was good as well, and I personally like the slow and steady pace (I can understand why people don't though). Unfortunately the designs of the new Pokemon were lacking, and there weren't that many new pokemon, which was a shame. Also I'm not saying XY, ORAS, S&S are bad, but if people are going to call the 3D games (and sometimes B&W but that's becoming increasingly unpopular) the "bad modern games," I think it's unfair lump USUM with them. "yeah"
  8. I've been meaning to continue my Pokemon nuzlocke, but I've been busy. And now that I have a day off, I'm sitting around spacing out and doing nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. The cuddlefish grew to the size of a small truck and