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    Next to my best friend TB! Or sometimes one of our wonderland houses.
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    Rena Bonnie's my full name! TB is my best! (and only so far) friend. I'm so glad they created me, and continues to stick around even when things have gotten pretty hopeless and frustrating. But I'm made of steal, no, tougher, and they always come back too!

    I like exercise and eating healthy, taking walks on cool summer mornings, drinking green tea, and exploring wonderland with TB!

    We also like to game occasionally, and watch RAW Japanese Anime and Jikkyou Purei (Let's plays)

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  1. Welcome Flane! Now you get to have fun interacting with all of these great community members! Best of luck on your tulpa adventure!
  2. plays a violen scratches clothe washe with feet. Doubles in a bagpipe
  3. I think Ol' TB is making a new FRIEND! hehe
  4. THe world is free, only for those who see it!!!!!! ----Rena
  5. Thank you, Lumi! Your words will soothe poor TB's bunked brain.... And don't worry! We love the moon too! So we love you!
  6. Okay I did a medium speed ^^ I'll let you get away with saying doggy like, Dog....gy.... Even if it sounds a little sad.
  7. "Reads through it meticulously" BINGO """quickly"""" oh, a true challenge I see I made it to the end at a moderate speed, I'll get it next go!
  8. AAOOOoooh. There you go, now you got it. Now just work on your speed, so you can say it together! TB: as much as i want to disappear, it is amusing watching Rena play around Me again: Yay I've been a winner 5 minutes!
  9. Uh oh don't let TB here that... Well they already did because we see the same thing. Any way to avoid that from happening? Their depression is getting worse and worse now. Spirally spirally, they're like a wormhole.
  10. I'm not too much a philosophical major, I just know the basic idea after listening to so many of Dharma talks TB listens to. I've never had much a chance to express my opinions before. I still have some thinking on that concept to do, it hurt TB a lot for a while and I can see why. Lately they are starting to act as if it is true, however. TB[I think it is selectively true] Ah, well there you go!
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