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    Hmm... What to say? Well, I do value internet content from the 2000s! Like the crappy fanfiction you made with your favorite characters kissing. Yeah, that's my source of Nostalgia. Oh, oh! We also have Smash Brawl and Mario Galaxy and Donkey Kong games and and....

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  1. I am the creator of a hyper-massive bee hive, in which the bees feed off of your deepest desires and needs. Soon the bees will require your pleads and screams so they flee the twice as large tree and lead to your house. Having clairvoyance, the intergalactic mouse within the building is imprisoned in his own mind. He then realized the particular hive will roam to consume the room with their knives and doom. Soon enough he grows behind all of his doubts and shouts towards your direction, exerting his essence hoping to earn your attention. Within your perception, you're eating your Bug-type Pokemon flavored Captain Crunch for a professional lunch. Huh? What's the hunch, what's the catch? What you expect from your surroundings is nothing, let alone an irrational ranting rug rat. Meanwhile... Within the long confined vines of time but now short lengthed and foggy, it seems like they've combined to make fine strengthed nacho man body. Having no time to announce, they bounce your front door backwards. It hits your floor and wood chips galore fly, what a hell-loving disaster. The grand-master-like bee-body then points towards their foe in slow-mo with their JoJo like body. Right as I'm making this terrible rhyme I'm eating a sandwich, I'm sorry. I wonder what the bodacious bees think of what I have made, as I drink this tasteless lemonade I got at a quarantined Subway.
  2. Does anything that aired on Jedix count? Let's say that. Do you have a nemesis?
  3. Banned because I think your profile is cooler than mine!
  4. Newbie on talking on the forums here. It's nice to actually talk to you all rather than stalking each and every post you have ever made. Jokes aside, I want to express my serious Donkey Kong OST addiction, and wanted to get others on the same boat. I know this isn't a ideal way to start a new conversation, but hey!
  5. Well you all, a new challenger approaches! Being real, I've been a lurker for some years now, and not new to the concepts and techniques of Tulpamancy. Although, what I am new to is talking here on the this forum, along with making an account! I'm hoping to begin my creation adventure within the next two days. I'll possibly end up creating a progress report similar to others.