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  1. I always loved this game, it's so fun to see where it leads! I'll start: Music
  2. So I was pacing around, thinking like I sometimes do and I was think about tulpas and how you create them. Then I started thinking about how you can get rid of them and then I started wondering; can you give away a tulpa? Now that's not my only question so I've detailed them all below in a numbered list format. 1. Can you give away a tulpa? a. If so, can you give away a tulpa without their consent? 2. Can you sell a tulpa? a. If so, what are the ethics of selling tulpas? b. Could you and how would you create a tulpa to sell? c. If there has been a tulp
  3. Yo, my name's Jacki! I have five tulpas, each detailed in my signature. I've had them for a little over two years now. I didn't mean to create Mallow and Jsjd but boy am I sure glad I did! You'll mostly see me talking here and only occasionally talking for my tulpas since as far as I know, they can't do possession. I'll mainly be active here in the form of asking questions that are bugging me that I haven't found an answer to. Hope I can help!
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