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    Just a tired androgynous person making tulpae to ease their mind.
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  1. Hey there. Basically for me, they have been a bit quiet, just because they are worried but I'd say I still have 75% of my ability to hear and see them. I know that Robert has been very close this whole time. He hasn't said much of anything but he and the others are near. I think what is happening is they understand I need healing time and won't have as much time to do stuff with them. That's a depressing thought but ya know, I do have to heal right now. I know Christian has been saying some. He is a big comfort right now... But yeah, the accident affected my ability some, and it might get worse or better. I guess we will see.
  2. Update: I'm in the hospital from an accident. I haven't had time to work on Angus. But even when he speaks to me now he seems so much more tangible, and fluent. I won't be able to update too much as I will be having a lot of therapy to essentially learn how to walk again. But that's what I got for y'all for now. Stay safe y'all.
  3. Howdy. It's August 11, 2020. Time to give some updates. 1st off, Angus! He's starting to talk more everyday. Today we had a (albeit short) conversation about the shirt he was wearing. "It's got stripes on it. They're blue and white..." he also made comments on Bob's suit of the day. "Fancy. you look like you're gonna steal my wife. I don't have one, but you'll steal her." So as you guys can see, he's talking in short sentences, but they're starting to come together into conversations. I'm so happy, too. I've really been working hard on him and getting him to this point. All this progress means his birthday is soon! Not much news on Robert, as he's 3-4 years old at this point. I don't think he's changing too much now. Muse is also pretty much the same. Christian has been wanting an update on his looks. Seeing as how he and Muse look almost identical, minus their hair length and a tiny bit of height difference, I can understand why he wants to change. He wants to look more like how he wants, how he thinks he should look. So we're working on it. I'll be sad to see his old form change, but I want him to be happy! That's the ultimate goal there! Some traits he'd like to have in his new form: -ginger hair -taller (Which...Bruh you're 6'6 already! Why!) about 6'8 -green eyes -punk aesthetic/maybe grunge (he is not sure yet!) So yeah! These are just a few updates. BEFORE I POST THIS: I saw @Bear reply. I wanted to make a 4th because...well, it's a long story. I have Schizoaffective disorder. I hallucinated a lot. Most of them were "good" or not bothersome. They recently adjusted my meds, and I have had a hard time essentially grieving their loss. So I started working on Angus sort of as a way to ease my mind. he's been a great help so far. So that's kind of the short of it.
  4. Hello all who might end up reading this. I decided to make this after reading others' progress reports, and seeing that they seem to help others with their tracking everything. I am currently in the middle of developing my 4th tulpa, who is named Angus. I am also in the process of planning another one or two. My planning process, my development process, and details of how the tulpas are doing will go here in this thread. (I don't claim to be an expert on anything, it's just my way of doin stuff and who knows, maybe someone else will find it helpful) So! Let's begin! I'll start off with an update on Angus. I started working on him about...I wanna say a month or so ago? I have his start date written down somewhere, I just don't have it on me right this second to write it in here. (Btw, I don't know if anyone else does this but Do you consider a tulpa's birthday the day you started working on them and developing them? Or do you consider it the day you "finish" them? Or perhaps a completely different day is chosen? We personally use the "finish" date, when they're a fully formed person, and can speak and everything as their birthday. But I'd like to know what others do for birthdays as well.) His personality is really starting to shine through. Even if (for now) he's a man of basically no words, he can get his point across. Playfully sticking his tongue out at people and crossing his eyes, dancing with Robert to his favorite music (Angus' favorite song at the moment is Losing My Religion by REM), changing his outfit about 15+ times a day...He's fun and playful and I'm so glad he is. He is the outlier to the rest of my tulpas...The other 3 are tall (6ft 5 and up) and a bit stoic at times, but with traits that differentiate them obviously. Their personalities are not quite all that similar but their appearance could tell you I have a type. haha. Angus on the other hand, is short (5ft 2)and anything but serious. Today was a day of dancing, and trying to get him to talk. He can laugh, but his words still don't come out. He seems to want to talk, but he doesn't really know how? He's said a few words over the past few weeks. "Why?" "What?" and "F*ck's sake!" being the main three things he's spoken. Anyway, that's about all I have for now. Maybe tomorrow I'll talk about a tulpa I have in the planning process? What do you guys think? Talk to yall later 🙂
  5. [Robert] We tend to write together. It's a journal/diary type set up I would say. We write about our days, what's on our mind, what we want for dinner...Just basically whatever is on our mind. Which I think is a very good thing to do with your tulpas personally. I know for me, when I started to become more sentient, it helped me become fluent in my languages, helped with my mannerisms and speaking and tone, etc. And I would say that even writing to your tulpa while they are there, being worked on and developed still, is a great idea. Even if they don't have the ability to respond to you yet, there's definitely no harm in including them in your writing adventures. In fact, it just might help them feel more included, more alive. [Muse] And some of us like to write on our own. Perhaps letting your tulpa have a diary of their own is a good idea too, not just writing together. We all need that space to be by ourselves and to just get our feelings out. At least I do... [Robert] So I guess to answer the question that was originally asked, I think it's best to have both a diary and a tulpa, rather than tossing all your feelings on a tulpa and expecting them to act as a diary. Because after all, we tulpas have off days too, just like you. We can't always be 100% happy and willing to help out unfortunately. But, with that being said, please do write WITH your tulpa(s). I genuinely say that's helped me so much in my development. Hope our input helped. 🙂
  6. Christian: Books. Reading. I can distinctly remember when I wasn't quite speaking yet, Engel would ready to me, show me words in the books, try to get me to read. At first it confused me, but now you won't find me without a book. They're great. I don't personally care for shows or movies, so my influence comes from literature. I especially found that my biggest influences on me or my personality or what have you are high fantasy books. Anything with elves and monsters and such. I love it. Maybe I'm a nerd, but that's ok. I also like comics. Just reading in general... That's my biggest influence. If you'd ask Bob he'd probably say popcorn or something weird like that. But if he chooses to answer at some point I'll put his response.
  7. Howdy everyone. I'm Engel. I've being making tulpas for well over 3 years, I just never joined in on conversations or even the site till now. I have pretty bad anxiety and that's one reason I started making tulpas, because they were always easier to talk to for me than another human. I'm currently in the works of my 4th current tulpa. I've had others in the past, but right now i have 3 that are sentient and speaking and I've had as friends from 1-3-ish years. And now I'm working on Angus, my newest buddy. I hope to meet some cool people here! Thanks 🙂