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  1. Shit. I've had other tulpae before, could it be them?
  2. I'm not insane, ok? I just started imposing my tulpa, and this happened.They aren't common, it's only happened a few times.
  3. So i recently started passively imposing my tulpa, I just did it for a day a few days ago, and well, it worked well, but now I've got a problem. I'm seeing stuff that's not there. And it isn't the normal, harmless illusions, I'm seeing things come to life, like my archery target (A deer shaped target) walked into the woods, and next time I saw it, it was being eaten by a wolf, that then appeared to be a pair of legs crushed under my truck once I got closer. The point is, I'm seeing creepy stuff, and my tulpa isn't doing it. It only happens when I'm far away from the things, however. If I get close, they go away. Anyone got any advice?
  4. Is that supposed to be good or bad? I only really tried it once.
  5. So I had a lot on my mind when I was making my Tulpa. Stress was building, and way too much stuff in life was in the way. My tulpa faded eventually. That was a few months ago. But now, I've got all the time in the world and no worries, so I tried to bring her back. I just talked to her a little, and then the next day, I tried imposing her like in Fede's method, and I instantly got a ridiculously strong headache and dizziness, which are two things I get after forcing. Does this mean she's back already?
  6. A: What was the first thing a hooker usually says to you? Q: If you could have any tulpa instantly created, without any forcing, what would it be?
  7. Nope. The next person has played Amnesia: The dark Descent
  8. I didn't know there was a legal drinking age until I was 13. The next person likes rock music
  9. Not at school, no. I've only told my Xbox friends, since they can't really affect my life if they decide to tell someone. One of them is very interested in my tulpae , the others think I'm batshit crazy and ignore the subject completely Roll
  10. My dog hits me when I don't pet him. So yes. The next person has considered making a slenderman tulpa.
  11. Me: When I die... make it look like I was doing something cool. Tulpae: But when you die, we die too! Me: Fuck... Roll
  12. What do you mean by that? I made both of them in the winter, if that's what you're asking... The next person has a map of Michigan on their hand.
  13. Yes. I buy that fancy shit from the bakery, then just sit down and eat the whole loaf of bread. I'm weird like that. The next person will breathe in the next 60 seconds
  14. I am bursting with happieness. The next person would have sex with a person of the same gender for 1 million dollars.
  15. Never understood why people like MLP so much. I've got two human tulpae. No ponies. The next person has an anime tulpa